A Grave Insect: Two Limericks for Thursday

graveA dash on a gravestone,
expresses how you’ve grown
A sister rendered into dates,
because death wouldn’t wait.
It left only her bones.


Okay I missed the imperfect mark but I got the enjambment and the limerick rhyme scheme. Two out of three ain’t bad. I’ll take it. On second thought…


~ Trial 2 ~

A fuzzy object,

causes me to exclaim, “it’s perfect!”

Until I pick up my glasses…

then the truth bashes.

Is that thing an insect?


18 thoughts on “A Grave Insect: Two Limericks for Thursday

  1. LOL – I love both. Number 2 made me laugh. One morning I went to make Matt’s bottle. He was 2 months old and waiting to be fed. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and going about my morning half blind. My mom had babysat the day before, so of course my kitchen was spotless. I noticed something in the sink and thought it was a brillo pad. So glad I didn’t reach for it but turned on the water instead. It was a field mouse. I screamed so loud I scared my baby and he started crying. Freaking back then but can laugh about it now. Thanks for bringing back a funny memory!

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        1. if they stick to the ceiling and make pretty webs that catch flies, they can stay. I have high ceilings in my studio. If they linger anywhere in the five foot section of space between floor and the top of my head, they should prepare to do battle. There can be only one down there.


          1. My son is petrified of spiders, so they don’t last long in this house. One made a huge web outside our back door, a big gross spider in the middle. The dogs had to make a quick entrance and exit until my hubby decided to keep it as a “pet.” And somehow it died. 🙂

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