Trick Questions, Aliens and a Daily Post Sonnet


Trick Questions (and an Alien Encounter)

A Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter
is writing an in-depth piece on me.
He heard about the alien quarter.
About that THING that happened to feature me
in that PLACE I refused to speak of,
those purple aliens’ whose eyes stalk me…
Yeah that night when they released those white doves
How was I supposed to know that taking
part in the show would land me in a space
ship, drop me in a teleconferencing
nightmare of interplanetary case
law and lead me to correct a thousand
misapprehensions–that I couldn’t let stand?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Trick Questions.”

5 thoughts on “Trick Questions, Aliens and a Daily Post Sonnet

    1. Thank you! My mind pulled the basic idea for it together while I was reading the prompt. I just couldn’t help myself. If a Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter is talking to me, there had better be a dimensional rift, aliens or something equally off the wall involved 🙂 Otherwise it wouldn’t be any fun.

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