A Comedy of Errors: The Plain Man’s Quest


A Comedy of Errors: The Plain Man’s Quest

A trip began it. Leaving grief behind,
he left before he joined  his wife in death.
A magic sword tripped him when he didn’t mind
his steps. A baby’s crying caught his breath,
but in the cave he found a goat instead.
Shrugging, he brought goat kid and sword outside,
and the goat turned into human instead.
Juggling sword and baby now, he had to bide
’till the next village. Trouble found him there.
A bound misfit carved a jack-o-lantern.
A flash of cheek ‘neath straggly hair ensnares
him. Her chains he broke, freeing her in turn.
Now he’s stuck with a babe, a magic sword,
and a sexless misfit, chased by a horde.

~ ~ ~

A scene from short story I am working on. It’s set in Shayari of course, a land of enchanted forests, magic blades and all manner of magical of oddities.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!).”


13 thoughts on “A Comedy of Errors: The Plain Man’s Quest

        1. Thank you. I am shooting to publish on Kindle before the anniversary of my sister’s death. It was her last request that I publish my work and the reason I started this blog. So I am making good on that one word, one scene, one chapter, one book at a time. 🙂

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