A Comedy of Errors (with Aliens and Snark Bombs)


A Comedy of Errors (with Aliens)

After that snark bomb incident, I’m now
persona non grata. In jail I write
this manifesto because I wouldn’t bow
to his Judicial Highness when those trite
charges bandied themselves about in court.
‘Twas me, that prize-winning reporter, type-
writing baboons and a few lawyer sorts.
My ship blasted a hole, as claimed the hype,
and down rappelled my Thalian allies.
I climbed towards freedom; my ship exploded
dropping us all on a waiting surprise.
Swat teams had assembled, they unloaded
with glee but I had another smart bomb
up my sleeve. I shook it into my palm…

~ ~ ~

The snark bombs made me do it. I just couldn’t help myself. I thought of this while sitting in traffic on the way home and I had to write it.  Hope you enjoyed it. I’ve now written four sonnets for four daily post prompts on this alien incident. I wonder how many more I can do…drop by and see. The others are: Trick QuestionsPride, Joy & Alien Artifacts, Snark Bombs, Away!

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!).”

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