In Your Desert – A Pic and a word Challenge Sonnet

death lingers on

In Your Desert

Better is one day with you, than without
you, even if that day is spent burning
in the desert’s heat and going without
bread or water because abandoning
you isn’t an option. Forty days you’ll spend
here and so will I. I’ll keep the vigil
by your side, my King and my God, and mend
my ways in these Lenten days, but I still
need your guidance Lord, even far from courts
of man, but I understand, I’ll sit here
while you pray, but  let me be your escort
when you leave the desert, let me go there,
to your courts, ’cause forty days with you isn’t
enough and without you, life’s a prison.

~ ~ ~

This sonnet is a sequel to In Your Footprints, a sonnet I wrote for last week’s Pic and a Word Challenge.

Picture and prompt courtesy of: PIC AND A WORD CHALLENGE #8 – Desert

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