In Sleep It Lies – A Magpie Prompt Sonnet

In Sleep It Lies

Neither he nor she, but it; its rest broke
as it thrashed, dreamed of its captivity
interrupted by a blade’s careful stroke.
Not human but magic kind, depravity
had been its master before now, that tale’s
written on its countenance evoking
pity from its savior, whose health would fail
if he continued sitting there watching
instead of resting. He’d already picked
up an orphaned babe on this quest now he
added a magical misfit who tricked
with its androgynous nonconformity,
making the eye discern both he and she,
when in reality, none would it be.

~ ~ ~

This sonnet stars a prospective character for a short story set in Shayari’s past. The same characters in this sonnet also appear in Spring Send OffA Comedy of Errors: The Plain Man’s Quest and Carving Pumpkins.

in response to Magpie’s picture prompt 291 for this week.

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