Photo-Fiction Challenge # 7 – Seer, Savior & Survivor



“Where are they?” he asked; Dragon stayed mute.
Light blossomed on the sea, mushroomed, blinded
with its intensity. Jump off, no ‘chute,
he dropped, rolled, dove towards frothing waves, minded
the rocks they broke on, ’till a scaled back sailed
under, caught him. He scrabbled for a hold.
On a wingtip the beast wheeled; the light trailed,
described a sphere; two men fought within gold
light that eclipsed. He hopped off with a nod
fell through the light on to a bridge of stone.
He ran to save his kin; then a scaled rod
fell as the dragon’s tail lashed out, broke stone.
“Let them sort this out,” it pleaded, “Stay back.”
He gave no heed and sought a better tack.


No heed he paid to dragon warning, ‘stead
he rushed forwards, grabbed hold of its hide, sprang
on its back, rolled across, dropped down; he sped
towards fighting silhouettes. Ozone tang
warned of dragon intervention; eyes tearing
he dove, rolled, came up running. Light seared him
as he reached, grabbed first arm then waist, reeling
in a body. All whited out. Eyes brim–
relief he savors until sight returns.
His brother is gone. Two he came to save,
but only his cousin survived. Light burns
still in a funeral pyre, a grave
sight that orb of unending light, that rift
in power, in which his brother now drifts.


  “Why did you attempt to stop me?” he asked.
The dragon shook its head. “Some things man’s not
meant to meddle in. ‘Twas your brother’s last
request.” Nothing more could he say overwrought
with grief, anger and guilt. Yet his cousin
lived. For consciousness the younger man fought
and lost. He’s drained by his fight with his kin.
A fight his savior didn’t understand.
What madness drove his bro into the light?
To the thing that made life possible and
throw himself into its magical light?
“I couldn’t stop him…” his cousin said, his hand
grasped for comfort, his savior squeezed his hand.

~ ~ ~

These three sonnets are based on a scene in one of my books. It takes place on a separate but connected plane of existence from the Curse Breaker Saga. Their stories will be told in the Lord of the Sea Saga, which I need to edit and rewrite a bit…

Image and prompt courtesy of Photo-Fiction Challenge # 7


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