WATER20141108_123031Sarn sat gazing not at the river’s swirl
from his perch, or the way its froth swarms,
but at the blanket wrapped babe, a pale curl
content to rest in his young father’s arms.
The babe didn’t care that his father sat here
avoiding his mum. Seventeen meant nothing,
not even an age, to the babe so dear,
whose little fingers quested for something
his body needed–made of light and beating
in tandem with the heart under his ear–
a magic that they soaked in while resting
in peace and love basking. No screaming here,
no recriminations, no deception,
just a river view, love and affection.

~ ~ ~

This is a scene from a flashback. After a head injury later in the Curse Breaker Saga, Sarn ends up with amnesia for everyone except his son. As memories of other people return, they trigger flashbacks. Since Sarn spends all of his off duty time with his son, the flashbacks almost always star that little imp.

~ ~ ~

I shot both photos of the Hudson River, a short walk from my apartment. I’m looking at Orange County, NY from where I stood.

Prompted by PIC AND A WORD CHALLENGE #9 – Serenity

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