The Angel Offered Redemption…

Redemption Offered

There stood Zamuel, as if Mav’s dark thoughts
had conjured the red-skinned Angel. “Checking
that my leash still holds?” asked Mav, his tone fraught
with malice. “Your leash, is your own making.”
Zamuel waved to the room’s furnishings.
“Let it go; there are many who’d guide you.
Be whole, home and with friends…” Astonishing
such a request to a traitor through and through.
Forget the last two thousand years, his plans
of escape for forgiveness and kinship?
“Not forget, put aside, become more than
the parts, the sum.” Promises on his lips,
if Mav took the Angel’s offer, he’d never
fall again. Once whole, he’d live forever.

~ ~ ~

Part of a conversation between Mavadrid and Zamuel, his Guardian Angel, in the Dead City.  It’s a scene in a book that takes place in the same world as the Curse Breaker Saga, just on the opposite side of the Mortal Veil. I’ve not written the entire book yet so it doesn’t have a title. Mav’s betrayal involves The Despairing Ones.

Image courtesy of Sonya of Only 100 Words; prompt provided by: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers


7 thoughts on “The Angel Offered Redemption…

  1. This is very intriguing. Very nice poem, prose? I’m not sure what this is, but it is very interesting. I’m going to link you up to the InLinkz story board so others can read your submission. That is wonderful that you are in the midst of writing books.

    Liked by 1 person

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