new guinea impatiens (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera


“Head injury…might have amnesia…”
The healer’s words still echoed scaring Ran,
where he lay curled, fearing amnesia
would take Papa away, like the bad man
had tried to do. Holding his stuffed bear tight,
he listened to Papa’s quiet breathing,
willing him to wake, smile at the sight
of his son. But unconsciousness’ plaything,
Papa remained. Ran’s tears rolled off his nose.
Then a pale glimmer broke through the darkness.
Papa blinked and glowing green eyes focused.
“Papa?” Ran asked. Blankness became fondness.
“Ran,” Papa said, against his heart, he held
his son. Ran’s fears and tears were at last quelled.

~ ~ ~

Follow up to Eavesdropping where Ran heard the healer talking about the head injury. Both poems are scenes from later books in the Curse Breaker Saga. I’m editing the first book as I write this.

prompt courtesy of POETRY 101 REHAB: MISSING

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