It Builds Character

bridge (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

It Builds Character

“It builds character,” Jerlo said, but how?
wondered Sarn as he regarded the course.
A vertical wall, rope bridges ‘tween boughs,
rocks, barrels and staves completed the course.
Ran scampered towards the gauntlet, shouting, “ad-
ven-ture!” before Sarn could stop him. Cursing,
he ran; a plank gave way, he grabbed the lad.
More planks splintered; the rope frayed collapsing
the bridge. Ran dangled above white water
while beneath Sarn staves glinted in the sun.
Stitches popped; Ran’s shirt tore; towards water
he fell. “No!” Sarn’s power lashed out and it spun
a shield that brought the boy safely to shore.
Jerlo’s gauntlet built character for sure.

~ ~ ~

The obstacle course/gauntlet is one of the Jerlo’s  many ideas aimed at finding out what Sarn can do with the magic he’s got. Not all his ideas are good ones but when you’re the head of the Rangers, nobody questions your edicts.

Jerlo, Sarn and his son Ran are all characters from the Curse Breaker Saga, which is soon to be out on Kindle.

Prompted by The Daily Post’s Prompt for today: It Builds Character

10 thoughts on “It Builds Character

    1. Thank you! There is lots more. You can read lots of other scenes from the saga here:

      I’m working on getting the first novel published for kindle & audio book. If you enjoyed it and would like to read more about Sarn and his world, I encourage you to click through that page. I’m working on a series of advent posts that will be sequential. the second one comes out tomorrow. If that’s of interest, you can find all my holiday posts here in order:
      Just scroll down past Thanksgiving to Advent. I will re order the page when I get a chance to put Advent on top.

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