Spring with Flair

Collage 11

Spring with Flair

Flowers, flowers everywhere, in my hair,
falling without a care, as I glide ’round
my bower’s stair. Who’s that there? Moonlight fair?
Follow you where? Hear madness there resounds.

Flowers, flowers in my pants, as I dance.
Ring-crowned spiders spin their hair with some flair.
They make a gown I can wear for the dance.
My bro wears a lizard’s skin, it’s not fair.

Feathers, feathers everywhere, in the air,
on my chair. Spinning in a dizzy dance,
my last chance, to prepare, that girl to spare,
if I dare. There in the square, I do dance.

Ladies fair, everywhere, I sing the prayer;
I share all I dare, to repair the air.

~ ~ ~

I am Spring’s daughter; I bring renewal
to all things green. My plants dance, clean the air;
birds flock to sing most fair; open jewels
petal by flower, in my bower here,
where my feet rest. So come I, bare as earth,
rare as ghosts, to share my wealth, there to serve,
prepare for summer, repair winter’s dearth.
There go I, Spring’s Daughter fair and with verve.
Don’t you stare, I’m aware, through the air. Know
that I play fair, but my grass is greener.
Yes at my lair, that’s my snare, didn’t you know?
my grass is greener ’cause my air’s cleaner.
Flakes, flakes falling everywhere in my hair,
I don’t care, winter pares, but me, it spares.

~ ~ ~

Like vignette-style sonnets? Want to read more? Visit the following pages for more: Tales of ShayariPoetic FantasyPoetic Science FictionPoetic HolidaysPoetic Inspiration & DevotionPoetic Miscellany. I have no idea where to shelve this one. I had a crazy day and the rhyme scheme got away from me.

~ ~ ~

Pictures and prompt courtesy of Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Writing Prompt #134 “Collage 11″

6 thoughts on “Spring with Flair

  1. First welcome to the prompt what an honor for us!

    Your poem is so vibrant, almost deliriously so. Though this may sound strange, this poem has a sense of self, it roars, it knows who and what it is.

    This was favorite part
    So come I, bare as earth,
    rare as ghosts, to share my wealth, there to serve,
    prepare for summer, repair winter’s dearth.

    Liked by 1 person

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