Name It

Squash Blossom (c) in medias res by Melinda Kucsera

Name It

Under the glass, a prodigious cake sat.
“You need a name,” Hen said eyeing the cake.
Squash Blossom,” It said; a feminine cast
to its features that wouldn’t last. It had no stake
in either gender despite Its white dress.
“That’s not a name.” Hen leaned on his elbow.
Don’t let It get emotional; duress
makes It’s form shift; Its body mold like dough.
“What’s wrong with Squash Blossom?” asked his errant
companion whom he’d rescued from bondage.
Telesthesia made It tense, currents
of magic warped flesh, reminded of cages.
“Squash Blossom?” Hen offered, taking Its hand.
It uncurled, face bedewed, and squeezed his hand.

~ ~ ~

Heneth and Squash Blossom appear in several other poetic vignettes. So if you enjoyed their quirky tale, you can read more of them in: Spring Send OffA Comedy of Errors: The Plain Man’s QuestCarving PumpkinsIn Sleep It Lies,  Squash Blossoms and Out on the Town.

~ ~ ~

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~ ~ ~

Inspired by Mindlovemisery’s Wordle #87 and the Daily Post’s Unexpected Guests.



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