The jet screams down the tarmac but it’s all
fading fast. Grass breaks through asphalt; trees rise;
branches twine forming a forbidding wall.
The jet skids; its body molts its disguise.
The passengers wink out of existence
leaving me astride a dragon wond’ring
if they were ever real. At this instant,
it matters not; the dragon leaps, wings
catch the updraft, propel us towards that place
I can’t escape nor unplug from for long.
Shayari’s calling me, I must now race
back to her verdant lands, where I belong.
There’s no trace of that jet left behind, nor
hint of whether I was e’er there before.

~ ~ ~

For more about Shayari and the colorful cast of characters who make their home there, check out my Tales of Shayari page.

~ ~ ~

Inspired by Friday Fiction with Ronovan Writes: Prompt Challenge #3 (who provided the leading image for this post) and the Daily Post’s prompt: Unplugged and and “This is Your Life” and “Pick Your Gadget.”

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