An Enchanted Quest

Collage 14

An Enchanted Quest

(Picks up where A Colorful Quest left off)

The more Henneth searched the more the cave walls
wavered, transforming as he breathed perfume
where floated rose’s kiss and a promised fall
onto a bow-decked bed, veiled by no doom,
just a mosquito net; no love mirrored
there, just a door closing and a demon,
pink carnations in hand standing silvered
by a garden path, book in hand, reason’s
flown as he follows, his sword’s grown heavy
in his hand; mind’s traffic stalls; thoughts, their thrum
quiets, as ability to resist
the enchanter wanes; his sword’s dragging hum
can’t break the spell he’s under, but enlist
aid by reaching out to she who slumbers,
anonymous, as she trips lock’s tumblers…

~ ~ ~

For most of history, Anonymous
was a woman; one whose rising from ground
in disregard; in pastel she’s all trussed
up and corseted in courage she’s found.
No weapons for her, she’s got a bowl full
of buttons and thread enough to button
up the foulest enchanter; the rightful
cave’s owner, its her energy that’s spun
into this farce; in theory,  one good shove
ought to catapult the fool captive free.
She’s the element of surprise, this dove,
not that she needs it, she was young and free
when history was a caterwauling
baby–or is that a real babe crying?

~ ~ ~

She pauses to listen but echoes fall
silent; they risk not her ire and the urge
to check dies out as she walks to stop all
the madness that’s about to here converge.
A minute’s run puts her deep into spells
any man would have to hack through with swords.
A basket of pale purple pears compels
her to pick it up and toss it towards
an emaciated thing practicing
dark arts, making it scream as its matter
disintegrates on contact thus cleansing
the air, leaving his victim in tatters.
“What just happened?” he asked though shaking still.
Buddy, you followed a thing made of swill.”

~ ~ ~

Henneth tried to process her words but no
sense could he make of them not from his view.
She yawned and stretched, “if you want food, you know
how to cook it, grate’s over there. I’m through
here, stay as long as your gear holds out, Dear.”
She left then, stepping out into Storm King’s
snowy tantrum, at which she paused to sneer.
“This the best you got, you cotton crowned king,
you moldy, cobweb addled, beardless twit!”
The wind snatched her words and flung them to its king
whose apoplectic fury loosed a blitz,
frosty hounds bent on a long glacial freeze.
She seized them, hitched them to a cart and soared.
“I’m anonymous woman, hear me roar.”

~ ~ ~

Henneth watched all this in perplexity.
Though bards had long maintained millennium’s
children, known for their anonymity,
oft dispensed with names; future’s premium,
they said, but that seemed sad to Hen, that name
should be forgot as pow’r massed to protect
one’s independence, forgoing all fame–
but then what did he know ’bout detection?
Perhaps the path she trod was link enough
to the world that names were just letters read,
their meaning carried forth while off the bluff,
the letter was tossed never to be read
‘gain by anyone, not e’en the owner,
who has no interest in a loaner.

~ ~ ~

The sword’s glow pulled him, like beaver to den,
his mind to back to the reason for this quest.
Listen he did but no baby’s cry then
did he hear that hour or the next, that pressed
him to search as the air chilled, but he found
no baby, not ’round that last bend,  just a kid
goat, curled up and freezing; it’d made the sound.
He had no milk to give, but warm the kid
he did as he munched dried venison, tough
as shoe leather, teeth crackingly salty,
but food nonetheless and drank from rough
streams that formed their own lanes while his faulty
mind tried to work through it all; blanket wrapped,
the goat kid and he, dreamed of trees and napped.

The story continues in A Starlit Quest.

~ ~ ~

New Year, New Quest….

Join me every day for 116 days for a quest of a different sort. An offbeat, humorous rendering of Shayari’s magicked miles as seen through a regular Joe (who’s having a midlife walkabout) and the misfits he meets along the way.  His life’s never going to be the same. Shayari might not be either.

Part adventure and part travelogue, through hapless Henneth you’ll get to see a whole lot more of Shayari and its Enchanted forest.

~ ~ ~

Sarn and his family are taking a brief hiatus while I work on publishing their first full length novel, tentatively titled Enchanted. You can read drafts of the first 15 chapters by hitting up its TOC page here.

If you miss them or missed parts of their holiday adventure, you can pick up a copy of their holiday novella:

Stars and Angels Sing

A Curse Breaker Novella

It’s a free read through Kindle Unlimited. Stars and Angels Sing is coming to print with gorgeous black and white images I hope before the end of January. There will also be an audio edition. I will post clips when I have edited them. Details to come!


~ ~ ~

  An Enchanted Quest was written in response to: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt #140 Collage 14, which supplied the lead image, with words borrowed from The Sunday Whirl Wordles # 222, 221 & 220, with color supplied by Color Your World: Beaver.

And because she’s a strong woman: Poetry 101 | Rehab: Fem

Keeping up with the Jones? I think not.


28 thoughts on “An Enchanted Quest

  1. detailed, descriptive, full of wonderful imagery and prolific… I don’t know where you find the time to write like this and work full time too…beautiful, my friend

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was enthralling and full of startling imagery. I really, really loved these lines:
    “For most of history, Anonymous
    was a woman; one whose rising from ground
    in disregard; in pastel she’s all trussed
    up and corseted in courage she’s found.
    No weapons for her, she’s got a bowl full
    of buttons and thread enough to button
    up the foulest enchanter;”

    I am amazed at your seemingly endless creative output — you are prolific! Well-done, my friend!
    And Happy New Year!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman;” that line is stunning and so neat! We know how it is to be second in this world although we fight daily to be heard. Your writing is so good and I’m so happy to hear you have a book coming out! I’m sure you will be a great success!

    I have never attempted a sonnet being better adapted for short forms but what a beautiful write! I don’t know how you keep them all connected what brain power you have!

    I wanted to thank you for all your support of my work in 2015! You are always there liking my work and helping me become more. I so appreciate that despite my difficulties getting around to read your work. I will try harder this year.

    This was a very cool prompt I’ve missed writing for good prompts. Tess is in love and disinterested, Mag has let me down big time this year. Toads is good but I’ve been a little bored mostly writing on my own. I think I’ll join in Mindlovemisery’s prompts soon looks like fun! I do like writing alone but you know it’s more fun with friends!

    I wanted to do a site with Linky and prompts (music, images, whirls and more) after class but instead, I picked a few new places to go to that didn’t work out. In fact, I was so disappointed they just quit and they had writers! If you don’t start at the right time you lose momentum. So I am always looking to drop in somewhere if you know a good write.

    You are into such interesting things and writing every day for 116 days! Wow! How you still find time to write for prompts is inspiring but that’s you! Take care and thanks again! Hugs and kisses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Bekkie 🙂 Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie has some great prompts. They post one a day–pictures, wordles, music prompts, short form prompts–the works. I enjoy their prompts immensely. Thank you for reading my work. If you miss days, don’t worry. At the end of the 116 days I will put out the completed work on Kindle/print. 🙂 Look out for a preorder link coming soon as I figure out how to do that!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. And you can somehow make me love them too. Though my imagination isn’t as great as yours, I can somehow understand what’s going on here. And it is a sign that my attention for magical fiction is improving. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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