A Starlit Quest


A Starlit Quest

(Picks up where An Enchanted Quest left off)

Twilight’s grazing ripple surprised Henneth
with a wind sighing through bittersweet boughs
 dressed in white, delicate, wet tufts. His breath
misted as he tried to figure out how
he’d misplaced a day; the goat kid poked its
head out of Hen’s shirt, bleated denials.
Its fleece body stayed nestled; the visit
had taken too long and he’d walked far, riled
by the whole enchanter incident, veiled
‘neath boughs not realizing that day had spun
itself out; now as he stood by field jailed
by razor wire, gilded by setting sun,
frosted by winter’s last cold snap tendered
in its retreat, such beauty there rendered.

~ ~ ~

 No cover though, just a blanket of snow,
roofed o’er by a purpling ripple replete
with stars, their apology, a light show
where wishes streak across the sky and greet
wishers as they fall free; those bright cinders
from Heaven’s nexus, come to share and bowl
o’er watchers from this low level, tinder
for future’s fire, the anonymous souls,
stargazers who press their wishes on stars
that gladly dash, flee in nick of time peace.
Cheeks flushed from wind’s caress, Hen watches stars
dance o’er that fenced off field, where time ceases
to exist; the star’s call lures him to climb
o’er barbed wire to stare at the sky’s long limb.

~ ~ ~

The goat kid kicked as Hen, without breaking stride,
cut across the snowy field; ‘tween starlight
and sword’s glow, the goat kid’s form shuddered, tried
to trump spells layered out of Henneth’s sight.
When light subsided, Henneth held that lost
babe he’d heard crying in the cave; the one
he’d left to cold death when it had stayed lost.
Not a bust then his quest, but what’s he done?
He’d no milk for a babe and no trick will
evict hunger from an empty tummy.
He swore at the enchanter whose skill
hid the babe in cave systems like mummys
of old while still alive; what a mess and
what’s he to do without a helping hand?

~ ~ ~

A night camp ‘neath stars was out of question.
Not with a babe who’d suffered God knew what.
He’d have to find a valley, way station
or some itinerant woman’s camp but
where to find a wet nurse that’s handy? No
more music of the spheres tonight nor dance
of star and night, not while scenting more snow,
which makes his left wrist ache with its advance.
Lights broke yonder dark ahead, harkening
Hen, who added to his earlier list,
munching buttery bread; at his heels barking,
loneliness ran with him and in its fist,
he thrashed as he crashed through a frozen field
with only uncertainty as a shield.

~ ~ ~

The story continues in A Necessary Quest

~ ~ ~

New Year, New Quest….

Part adventure and part travelogue, through hapless Henneth you’ll get to see a whole lot more of Shayari and its Enchanted forest…

~ ~ ~

Sarn and his family are taking a brief hiatus while I work on publishing their first full length novel, tentatively titled Enchanted. You can read drafts of the first 15 chapters by hitting up its TOC page here.

If you miss them or missed parts of their holiday adventure, you can pick up a copy of their holiday novella:

Stars and Angels Sing

A Curse Breaker Novella

It’s a free read through Kindle Unlimited!


~ ~ ~

A Starlit Quest was written in response to: Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge # 94,  which supplied the lead image, with words borrowed from The Sunday Whirl Wordles # 219, 218 and 217 and The Sunday Whirligig # 40, with color supplied by Color Your World: Bittersweet; worst case scenario indeed! Modern family drama?



13 thoughts on “A Starlit Quest

  1. thanks Melinda for sharing your response to the photo challenge 🙂

    I think you’ve done a wonderful job using the image – it fits very well with your writings in progress – and you’ve made excellent use of the wordles as well, capturing an essence of the image and words – independently of your personal project – yet wholly well within it too 🙂

    Great job and cheers ~ Pat

    Liked by 1 person

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