A Writer’s Worst Nightmare


“So this is the story of someone who sold her favorite child to a huge corporation to make ends meet,” writes Sarah King, an indie author who signed over the rights to “a Boston-Tea-Party-in-Space story called Outer Bounds.”  Fast forward two years.

Sara writes on her Go Fund Me page: “Unfortunately, Amazon has stopped publishing new Outer Bounds material until I can buy it back, and I can’t publish anything in the world until I have the rights…They [the publisher] made several Very Big promises to me that they subsequently had to go back on due to ‘Rules’…I couldn’t take it anymore.  I said I wanted to buy the series back.”

So she started a Go Fund Me Campaign to buy back the rights of her book. She needs 30K by mid-March 2016 to buy the rights to her book so she can continue writing the series. This is every writer’s worst nightmare. Her book has been languishing in her publisher’s hands for two years and rules have kept Sara from being able to market it herself.

I ran into Sara online years ago through another writing site. (Would you believe I can’t recall which site that was? I’ve been part of so many online writing sites!) We’ve kept in touch on social media and through her mailing list which keeps me up to date about new releases. Gone are the days when she emailed drafts of her novels to her reading list.  I am very happy for her that she has built a loyal following and is publishing her works now. Reading her works as an eBook is treat after reading them as MS Word docs.

If Sara’s story has touched a chord with you, please visit her Go Fund Me page; there you can read the entire saga of Outer Bounds–its loss and the many ways she has tried to regain it over the last year. Please consider donating to the cause and sharing this post or her Go Fund Me page with your contacts. Every dollar helps.

Please help one writer over come the system.

As an added incentive, (not that you need any more prompting), I will publish two posts on Wednesday, the next chapter in Quest and the next part of Sarn’s story as a thank you for sharing/donating and just being your wonderful, generous selves. So get ready for double-header Wednesday!

I don’t normally write personal posts (because my life is not interesting) but I felt compelled to write something. If Sara’s story moves you, feel free to draft up your own post and link it to her Go Fund Me page. You can find her on facebook under Sara King.

Thank you for all your reads, shares and comments. May all your dreams come true this year.

— Melinda

21 thoughts on “A Writer’s Worst Nightmare

  1. Hi Melinda, you are right. The big publishers are just looking to profits. They have no respect for the writer’s efforts or sentiments about the book. Hawks! I know a gentleman who published his books himself and is doing much better than what the publisher would have. And he has his freedom intact. Best wishes to your friend. 🙂

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    1. Thank you! What your friend is doing is what I’m trying to do–publish my books myself and sell them. So far the marketing is my biggest hurdle. It sounds like your gentlemen friend has figured that part out. I wish him all the success life has to offer and you as well 🙂

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  2. This is most unfortunate but there is a lesson here for all of us, too.I hope she is able to raise enough funds….by the look of things, she just might.

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    1. I hope so. She was up to 8k when when I last looked this morning while writing this post. This is one of the reasons why, even though I have been told by two freelance editors that Sarn’s story is so good that a mainstream publisher would publish it and that I should submit it to them, I have decided to publish it myself. I don’t want anyone owning any part of him or his story. I want to be free to write his story the way it needs to be written.

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