They might be Senryus

These might indeed be Senryus or some other species of micro poems. I just read three mystery/thrillers (audio books of course) back to back while cleaning house/walking/cooking/photoshopping etc and for some reason that led me to write these.  Go figure.

Seventeen lifetimes
he sat, in prison, scribbling
wisdom on cell blocks

Parted lips drip gold
gold flecks smeared to make her bold
she laughs, gold flashes

Stars alight attract
lovers with star-shot wishes
their hopes soar space-wards

Lovers who obsess
future’s fate’s their obsession
now’s not their concern

Jealousy’s green eye
casts itself on all around
sees imagined faults

Security woos
slides rings upon shaking hands
fences in futures

Years pass, regret ebbs
its tide washes out old woes
leaves room for living

Ennui steals in
replaces that joie de vivre
leaves boredom instead

From to love to loathing
a step down a twisted path
thorns prick, bleed insults

For the Love Nudge Competition because the challenge appealed to me.

73 thoughts on “They might be Senryus

  1. Sorry, pressed “Post Comment” before I corrected that incorrect apostrophe — should have been “didn’t.” Sometimes, I type too fast for my own good. Please accept my apology for my typographical-punctuational lapse.

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  2. Hi Melinda. I’d never heard of the senryus form before, but these are wonderful. And I’m blown away that you’ve written one for each word in my challenge.
    ‘lovers with star-shot wishes’ is a beautiful image and the ‘security’ and ‘loathing’ stanzas really drew me.

    ‘Security woos
    slides rings upon shaking hands
    fences in futures’
    The idea of being wooed by security – willingly stepping into a trap – fantastic.

    ‘From to love to loathing
    a step down a twisted path
    thorns prick, bleed insults’
    Oh, that twisted path! If only couples could foresee it ahead of them, would their feet take another way?

    Beautiful sriting, Melinda. Thanks so much for taking part.

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    1. Thank you for your kind words. I learned of this form from other poets on here far more talented than I. The “Security” is true; I have friends who married for that and then wondered why they were caught in loveless marriages. Most of these are actually about the experiences of friends of mine; they’re stepping stones down a path I hope to avoid!

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    2. There are some terrifically talented people out there, and I love your work! Yes, security is a double edged sword. It can be a huge comfort – but if you choose the wrong person, it can lead to misery for all involved. Your poetry rings true – it’s no surprise it’s inspired by reality. Thank you for taking part 🙂

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  3. First of all, you’ve read 3 books while doing chores! Wow! What kind of focus o you have, give me some! ❤

    And these series of senryus are just awesome. The beat the words are just so intense. 😘

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    1. yes it is; I leave early enough to beat some of the traffic that I arrive at work 45-30 minutes before my shift starts. It makes the day longer and me more tired at its end, but I’m never late. More unpaid work right?

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    1. Hmmm I don’t know. Enough challenges at work as it is 😀 I took a look at the Love Nudge page though, and it does look enticing. Love. How could one resist?

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    2. I wrote 2 sonnets and 3 senryus. You are fantastic for concentration! but now I must go to bed. I’m fading fast…it’s past midnight here and I have to shlep to that office in 7 hours… 😦 Have a good day!

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    1. Since I fell in love with senryu poetry, I’ve found my long form writing has suffered dramatically – I can usually condense everything I want to say into 5-7-5 format…although maybe I never had much of anything to say and was just waffling on needlessly… 😜

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    2. You definitely have good things to say. If there was waffling being done, it was in the kitchen with syrup not on your blog. 😉
      I hope my long form doesn’t suffer; I’m a novelist masquerading as a poet on here. I will have to tread carefully! Thank you for the warning.

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    3. Haha, all in jest – any writing that gets the cogs turning and words on the page has got to be good. I think you can safely add the title of poet to your resume, Melinda – the mask has well and truly fallen 🙂

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