A Tangled Quest


A Tangled Quest:

Part 25 of Quest

(If you missed a part of Quest, find it here on its TOC.
Picks up where A Mind’s Quest & Fight left off.)

Chero kept one eye on Anasril, whose
blue wings blurred in agitation, one eye
on his spider’s mad weaving–he couldn’t lose
either, for both were dear and could be scythed
if that black tide of Undeem a-rising
fell upon them ‘fore the doorway opened.

Irene reached for pow’r to knock down the thing
the swarming Undeem fused into; they’re penned
in like so many gnats writhing, while inside
their bitch’s spell–one that would be loosed soon.
How long do spiders need to prep a ride?

The spider slung webs, working on that boon,
anchoring its transdimensional silk
to Shayari, drawing on magic’s milk.

~ ~ ~

The babe, which some of them had come to fetch,
watched all this from where the shadow woman
had lain his swaddled body down; he stretched
his fingers towards the gleaming web that spanned
the distance between two broken columns.
He giggled at the tickle that up his arm
rippled from the contact; whispered shaloms
urged him to crawl toward that shining arm
reflected in the spider’s bright weaving.
The portal rippled as the babe crawled through.
No one noticed save Undreal, Queen’s play thing
no more, as she belly crawled past a slew
of her kind, fast being subsumed into
something monstrous, a meld they’d one day rue.

~ ~ ~

Hen held his crystal sword at the ready.
Gray streaked locks fell in his eyes, reminding
that he was no youngster holding steady,
nor even a proper wielder carrying
this Guardian blade, this spell-wrought, blessed sword.
He swallowed fear and checked the spider’s work.

Istan manifested his pow’r, but words
crumbled like tiles under him–words to work
the unbinding, which fizzled out in sparks
of fuschia, gold and a fuzzy wuzzy brown
that muzzed his mind, muzzled spells and remarks,
sent their words skittering into the ground.
He’s cracked by the kacken who rang his bell
and stuck in the Undeem’s corner of hell.

~ ~ ~

Undreal burned in the portal’s fire; unable
to cross its threshold, she lay defeated,
beaten by her choice, unattainable
as the baby she saved waves now, seated
in light’s heart where shadows, like her can’t go.

“It’s open! Quick run through!” Chero shouted,
pitching Anasril into tunnel’s glow.

Henneth backed towards the spider-made way out
keeping his sword ‘tween them the dark mass
sprouting a centipede’s worth of grasping
claws; a tower of dark purpose with glass-
like transparency for better viewing
of how its component Undeem melded.
Sight of its serrated jaws invoked dread.

~ ~ ~

Henneth swallowed against the fear’s rising tide,
held his sword still; it’s glow intensified.
Irene pulled Istan to his feet; they glide
aside as a hammer blow passes by.
They step on Undreal’s shadow–all that’s left
of her unlife–as they fall into light.

Hen’s sword takes control as the monster hefts
his huge fist for a blow, it stabs down right
into the beast’s cloven hoof then he sprints.
Undreal stitches her shadow to Henneth’s
as he runs past, taking her dark imprint
into the portal unharmed by light’s sheath.

The monster bellows; its controlling queen
screams, pauses; day’s veil thins its guarding screen.

~ ~ ~

Footsteps glow marking a path through wooded
wonder, ‘neath a star-shot sky streaked with bright
lines delineating, connecting, said
passage for psychopomp spiders with Sight.
Chero’s pet swells with every step down
this footpath that floats o’er a changing land.

“Where are we?” Henneth asked; the babe he’d found
napping and sucking his thumb, while red sand
rushed by then raveled up below replaced
by a stinking bog, then a woodland glen.

Anasril answered, “in between someplace,”
She shook her head, “this is beyond my ken.”

“Anyone know where we’re going?” He asked.

“Somewhere warm to dry off, and in light bask?”

~ ~ ~

The Quest continues tomorrow…

 Thank you for reading, commenting, liking, sharing and supporting this story. A very special thank you to Jennifer Nichole Wells for her Color Your World challenge and Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie‘s prompts which I have used as inspiration for many of the parts of Quest.


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~ ~ ~

A Tangled Quest incorporated the following challenges: Color Your World: Fuschia, Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown & Gold; Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #51 Footsteps



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