Weighing Quests

Quest (c) Melinda Kucsera

Weighing Quests

Part 26 of Quest

(If you missed a part of Quest, find it here on its TOC.
Picks up where A Tangled Quest left off.)

In that place between,
where dreams are made and broken,
hope glues the pieces.

Between life and death,
dreams are made and discarded;
we lose and find hope.

In that place between,
we find a path to walk on;
we pick up courage.

~ ~ ~

Led by a spider, a tarantula
swelled with power, a psychopomp leading
an odd assortment in the scintilla
‘fore dusk falls in the mortal realm opening
portals for the Undeem, whom they escaped
moments before, allowing them unseen
to filter into night’s falling embrace.
The spider knows the threat of the Undeem’s
retaliation which will fall hardest
of all upon the innocent child saved.
Such is the lot of psychopomps, bravest
of all to trod the paths between where raves
indigent ghosts who lost their way, suicides
who cry ‘why me’ from where they long abide.

~ ~ ~

Each member of the party walks and weighs
what’s important against where to go next.
For the old god of winter morns, he weighs
the cross he’s seen in the vision that vexed
which saved his sanity and with one chop,
freed him from a monster’s mental control.
He carries that cross from that mountain top;
his need to know’s a fever in his soul;
one that’s packing his will’s suitcase, making
up his mind to search out its meaning, now
before time seals fate’s envelope, leaving
him a drone enslaved to a name that bows
him down, loses the match because it’s true;
such is the power of names that are true.

  ~ ~ ~

While Istan grapples with his future woe,
beside him walks his lawfully wed past.
Her thoughts spiral round adversaries though.
The Undeem Queen, a menace from the past
one she’d believed dead rather than long lived.
Hiking up future’s goldenrod ramp skirts
flying, hips swaying, even though doubts thrive
and beneath their feet a peaceful bay flirts
offering an escape which scissors doubt,
cuts it to selfish ribbons; she’s hiding
no more, courage’s claws have drawn her out.
The Undeem’s Queen she must rout; her teaching’s
sharpened that cruel puppet master, too long
have her minions stalked unchallenged, too long…

~ ~ ~

Behind Irene who’s plotting the Undeem’s
downfall, Henneth walks holding the babe found
in that cave at the start of this all; seems
so long ago but it’s not; duty bound
him to his course; return this child to safe
hands, return the crystal sword, blanket-sheathed,
hanging by a crude rope harness that chafes
his back, to Shayari’s Guardians; breathe
a sigh of relief when that’s all done and
then what? He’d have to go to the city.
They must have quiet places to sit and
eat a thick slice of cake, hear a ditty,
have a drink while life flowed on without one
old man who’d nowhere to go ‘neath the sun.

~ ~ ~

Two tired, butterfly-winged fairies rested
on the psychopomp spider’s carapace.
For Anasril, her blue wings, tight-gathered
like an iridescent shawl, the slow pace
suited the end of her quest and she looked
forward to exiting this place that shifts
landscapes like puzzle pieces; she’s o’erlooked
her companion’s quietude; his thoughts drift
not toward Shayari, not to home either.
No Chero, draped in his black moth wings, sees
only death and decay coming hither.
He feels it e’en here, that thread of disease,
the germ’s threat that feasts unseen like cancer.
But even this threat must have an answer.

~ ~ ~

the baby carried,
in Henneth’s old but strong arms,
dreams of family.

An orphan child’s wish,
one the fellowship’s breaking
may yet deliver

Fate has lots of plans,
for young and old, small and tall–
adventure fits all.

in a dusty square
a slave squats soon to be caught,
tangled in this quest.

~ ~ ~

The Quest continues tomorrow…

Weighing Quests incorporates the following challenges/prompts: the Sunday Whirligig #45; the Sunday Whirl Wordle #237Color Your World: Goldenrod; Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie Writing Prompt # 145:  What Would You Weigh? –I would like to extend a very special thank you for this prompt as it gave this section of the narrative shape.


8 thoughts on “Weighing Quests

    1. Thank you! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. I am grateful for all feedback.
      I have one book available, it’s a holiday adventure set in Shayari with magic and all manner of mayhem. It’s written in sonnets. Quest will also be published when it’s done. Though I am thinking of writing in the gaps between sonnets and fleshing the story out more with prose passages that’ll allow more interaction, characterization and action between the stanzas and make the story more fluid. I just wrote the next section which will go live at 12:01 AM ET explaining my idea for Quest and asking for feedback. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The senryu really stands out and I love how you start and end with them as it really does create a beautiful foundation for the rest of the poetry.


  2. First of all, I am so in love with the first three stanzas and the last four stanzas. Those verses are just so heartwarming, Mel! And I love the contrast because the middle stanzas are intense and suspenseful.


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