Curse Breaker | Consolation

Curse Breaker | Consolation

“You want to hear a story?” Sarn asked his son.

Ran nodded, surprised at the offer. Usually Miren read him stories since Miren could read and Sarn couldn’t. So pleased was Ran by this offer that he didn’t see the trap it represented. He accepted his stuffed bear and snuggled as close he could to his father, despite the layers of cloth muffling him, believing that he’d gotten his way. Sarn fought a smile and lost, at least he’d done one thing right tonight.

“Let me tell you about Shayari’s Queen.”

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After an enchanted tree abducts Sarn, he’s thrust into a mystery revolving around a double homicide. Can Sarn protect his son, keep his masters happy and help the dead boy haunting him?

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16 thoughts on “Curse Breaker | Consolation

  1. Oh Sarn. I have the safe fascination with face-less Queen of Trees,I imagined her majesty yet her being faceless crept me out too. XD
    Nonetheless, I looove Sarn. No matter how troubled his mind is… he really want to be a great dad to Ran. I also love the details you have weaved in this piece, Mel. Just great!

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    1. She’s a gigantic tree. Trees don’t have faces because if they did, that would be creepy. (The trees in the Wizard of Oz creeped me out as a child and I decided none of my enchanted trees would ever have a face or any recognizably human limbs. They would be trees first, magical second and conscious entities, third. I still shudder at the thought of those trees dancing around in that movie!)


  2. What a smart one, Sarn is. Love the description in this segment, Melinda. How well you weave a story with such detail as to place your readers within it.

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    1. Thank you! I am working hard on showing everything and telling nothing. It is challenging to differentiate but I think I am getting it. There are so many insidious ways that showing can become telling. I think the fact that I listen to a different audio book each work day helps. It gets the sound of showing in my ear and I have always been a audio learner thanks to fact that I successfully avoided glasses until I was 15. Of course I probably needed them since I was 8/9 🙂

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    2. You are welcome, Melinda! Keep up what you are doing because it certainly works. Your listening skills have certainly been transferred to your ability to show 🙂

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