A Quiet Game

A Quiet Game

Letters tiled in lines
laid down by careful fingers
seek double word score.

~ for TLT Week 9 ~

~ ~ ~

Players hunch o’er board
horde tiles, check squares for best score
family game night

Winners take it all
scrabble night or poker round?
game faces are on

No tiles hid up sleeve
cheat at scrabble and get shot
gaming in prison

Dictionary search–
damn, tortrix is a real word
Google never lies.

Need a word with X
Xenopus, Xerotic, Xylene
Yes! Triple word score.

A word to the wise–
play scrabble at your own risk
against boyfriend’s mom.

The game’s outcome may
change your relationship status.
Let his mother win.

~ ~ ~

The closing stanzas are a true story. ‘Nuff said.

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