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In case you missed it

What’s hot & new this week in fiction

Here’s a helpful rundown of what you missed this week. Get clicking to catch up with your favorite characters and find out what they’ve been up to. ‘Cause they’ve had a busy week. Adventure awaits you.



Blindfolded and hooded, can he pass for normal? Can the magic be contained long enough for Sarn to report for duty. Continue reading



Is the fight lost before it’s begun? Find out in Lord of the Sea: Betrayal. Continue reading



Speak or be silent? Which Will Sarn choose when he’s interrogated? Continue reading



Tension heats up as guns are drawn and the UFO circles nearer. Continue reading


First Steps 

Will searchers stop Henneth from starting out on his quest to fulfill his wife’s last request? Continue reading


Sun Quest Part 2

Can Undreal and her friends escape the Sun God’s wrath unscathed? Or will she burn in his pyre? Continue reading

teenager-1131815 copy

Hijacked Quest

Nightmares stole Istan’s body. Will the Dream God who kidnapped his consciousness send him back to reclaim it? Or has he been betrayed? Continue reading


A Deadly Quest

A Deadly Quest – can Irene free the Chooser of the Slain before it’s too late. Continue reading

All caught up? Great! New adventures for all your favorite characters begin on Monday. Happy reading!

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