Questions | Emotional ABCs

Questions | Emotional ABCs

Breathing against birds
air’s thick with feathers and wings
goose down chokes me.

Impossible skull
bricks thrown don’t break any bones
must be lined with steel.

Questions surround, swirl around inside where
they’re trapped by flesh and bone walls, no way out.
They don’t pour from my ears; they crowd my stare
pile behind my eyes, pound their way out.

Coffee unfolds, comes
sleeping falls to wakefulness
cup delivery.

I spit it out, not my cup, not my drink.
I’m am an herbal tea fan because I don’t need
caffeine stirring up more questions to think.
Shoot ’em down, slug it out, sleep’s all I need.

light car speeds in the whiteout
fishtails down exit.

Blink at steering wheel, take foot off the gas–
how’d I get here fully dressed on the road?
Don’t remember getting up, driving past
but I’m in the car, questions overload…

Pull sheets taught to catch
cotton absorbs blood spatters
one thousand thread count.

Hand on the glass, push door open into night
why are my hands covered in talc powder?
Questions flash by, their red taillights highlight
a memory, wet work in a tower…

Click the safety off
finger steady on trigger
target bolts for woods.

Haze clears, something hard and cold’s in my hand.
Twist of wrist reveals more questions in hand.

Dead body on grass
a double tap to the head
one in the chest too.

Questions don’t kill folks
answers condemn me to jail
spent shell cases roll.

~ ~ ~

for the Sunday Whirligig #54.


8 thoughts on “Questions | Emotional ABCs

  1. I bet more and more questions arising in your head as you wrote this… Your pieces are always thought-provoking but this one really gets me thinking. Had to do a double take 🙂


  2. This poem has a lot of things to digest in one reading.
    “I spit it out, not my cup, not my drink.” is my favorite.

    A piece that definitely needs more reading. Excellent work Melinda! I really enjoyed it!


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