Aerial Rescue | Lord of the Sea

Aerial Rescue | Lord of the Sea

Part 3 of The Lord of the Sea

(Story continues from where Betrayal left off. )

Anurevin fought the blackness consuming him. He clawed at his own mind seeking purchase but everything was sliding away thanks to the leech–that traitor. His grip failed; his fingers closed on empty air that whipped past him. The arctic sea rose to meet him. Sarcosi’s spangled scales slipped past him and that damned song started up in his head.

Sometimes sung as a shanty, other times as dirge, its lyrics were always ironic. His fading consciousness latched onto it as if it alone could save him.  This rendition came straight out of memory using his deceased mother’s voice.

“To fly to fall, to love to hate
deny and die, above all wait
so dry your eye and cast your fate—
cause we’re all bait, aren’t Guides’ lives great?”



For a moment he was five years old again. His mother stood framed in a gray hallway–not stone but some other material. His three year old brother clutched his left hand and his eight year old sister his right. Then they were falling through star-shot darkness, him and his two sibs.

Then and now, something wrapped around his throat compressing his trachea. Then it was his toddler brother hanging on too tight in fear, his spindly arms choking his elder brother as they fell. Now those hands were telekinetic; his psychic attacker–the leech–siphoned his power while another assailant closed invisible hands around his throat suffocating him. 

Telekinesis required line of sight visibility; Anurevin possessed more a little of that gift too but his darkening sight couldn’t pinpoint his attacker. If he could just catch sight of him…he could fight back…

~ ~ ~

*Hold on,* Sarcosi dove, silent as death, hurtling towards one white shape amid hundreds of others. She seethed and her anger marched through the disintegrating telepathic network screaming her outrage. Maybe she hastened its demise, not that she cared.

She’d known that Aurevin’s personality problems would land him in trouble and had accepted that risk. With great power came great problems. A man who could never be certain whose thoughts rattled around inside his skull had to be allowed a few personality quirks and the occasional outburst but nothing that should end like this, betrayed in the frozen ass end of nowhere. Someone out here had a forbidden talent and she had twenty claws ready to rend that person into bloody pieces.

First she had to secure her guide; the harness that snugged in tight against her neck ridge had all manner of straps but Anurevin always ignored them. Too late now to order him to buckle up. Gravity had hold of him and its relentless tug pulled him free. He slid down her flank between right foreleg and hind leg–directly under her right wing. Not a good since Her foreclaws–hands–were more dexterous than her feet.

Pulling her wings in, she dove angling her trajectory so she’d pass under him. Once she had, she rolled onto her back and plucked him out of the sky. Closing her fingers with care, she made a cage of them to keep her rider safe from her razor-tipped claws. Another roll, a snap of her massive wings and a lot of flapping saved her from diving nose first into the sea. Instead she glided ten feet above its surface; her tail skimmed its foam and jostled a few small icebergs.

Her new course put the only seagoing vessel out here dead in her sights. Then a shadow dropped between her and it–another dragon of course. One bent on stopping her. Not a dragon she knew well either. Not that she knew any of them all that well. This post was a revolving door for both humans and dragons. So she hadn’t made much of an effort to socialize; neither had her guide.

She alighted on an iceberg; it dipped under her weight and then it bobbed up like  a cold flotation device should. No point in hovering, an underwater approach would be both stealthier and quicker thanks to webbing between her claws.

*Get out of my way,* she hissed at the newcomer’s mind and any other mind set to receive. That meant that all the dragons in the vicinity heard her since she had used their frequency. *I’m hunting a leech.*

Some startled back chat started up as a dozen dragons worked out the implications of her speech. It buzzed at the edge of her telepathic range. Taking out the only telepath with them would cut them off from the council, making distress calls and requests for resupply impossible to send. Their chatter indicated that they grasped the situation all right. Good, maybe they’d stay out of her way.

She blinked blue reptilian eyes at her counterpart and held up her right foreclaw. Cupped safe within the hallow of her palm lay one inert man of middle twenties.

*Your Guide’s the medic?* 

*Yes. He will tend your Guide.* He didn’t say, ‘if you allow it’ but his mind voice implied it.

Sarcosi nodded and extended her clawed hand. Like humans, dragons had five digits, one of which was opposable. A figure perched on the back of her interlocutor reached out and pulled Anurevin’s unconscious body, sliding him down her forefinger, onto the back of the blue dragon and then from there, onto another iceberg. Smart thinking, as that placement kept them out of the coming fray.

The dragon in front of her turned so they both faced the ship. *Who?*

His one word question held anger. Indeed, who had done this? Who would dare cripple their forces like this? The answer could change everything.

~ ~ ~

Find out who done it next Sunday.

Part of The Lord of the Sea


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16 thoughts on “Aerial Rescue | Lord of the Sea

  1. ooooooh… so what is the answer to ‘who’…
    (I noticed you haven’t posted this weekend so I indulge myselg with Lord of the Sea marathon. :D)
    Love these:
    ““To fly to fall, to love to hate
    deny and die, above all wait
    so dry your eye and cast your fate—
    cause we’re all bait, aren’t Guides’ lives great?””

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