Dragon’s Schemes | Lord of the Sea

Dragon’s Schemes | Lord of the Sea

Part 4 of The Lord of the Sea

(Story continues from where Aerial Rescue left off. )

~ ~ ~

Even with the vague glow of the shield curving overhead, Anurevin was a supine silhouette against the reflective ice. He still lived; their bond relayed that information but nothing else about his condition. Not something she could worry about right now. The medic would either fix him or the death of the leech would. Sarcosi clicked her claws in anticipation.

Lights stabbed down from above. Something dark occluded part of the shield’s luminous curve a mile up from the sea. Time had just run out. Without her guide to create and hold a psychic network for all the combatants, all hell broke loose. Shouts stolen by the wind and flung in her direction confirmed it.

No plan, no direction because the guy who needed to supply both had no telepathic talents. So Marduke was stuck shouting from the ship’s rocking deck instead of getting his ass in flight. Marduke had a dragon but that lazy bum with wings had made himself scarce.

Sarcosi swiveled her head around, owl-like, a full 180 degrees clockwise and then the same counterclockwise until her gaze crossed with the medic’s dragon. Another blue like her which was good; camouflage had just become paramount.

Dragons flung themselves skywards aiming for the dark hull of the enemy. Their frenzied flight wouldn’t do much good. Nothing she could do about that. Recalling them would take time and energy better spent on taking out the leech and getting her Guide back to consciousness so he could get some kind of a psychic network going and some coordination. Dragon hide might be tough but the enemy came equipped with weaponry that could pierce it.

The sky darkened as the enemy vessel emitted a pulse that shivered  the shield that cupped the sky in glowing hands, diminishing its glow. Dragons dropped from the sky, knocked out by the pulse.

A dark shape back lit by a white hull slid into place and a shadow abandoned ship. Marduke no doubt but what did he intend? Time she found out. Sarcosi cut through the water, swimming like a fish born to it, her wings tucked in close to her body. Beside her the medic’s dragon did the same. She tossed a thread to him–a tight psychic line that excluded all other minds out there. Most of the minds still conscious were lit up with pain anyway and in no position to the help. The rest were fighting for their lives.

He caught it with ease and the connection firmed.

*This stinks of a set-up,*  he said, his mind-voice all gravel and sharp-edges. Hers no doubt came across as hot coals scorching as they rolled across the connection.

*Agreed. You have a name?* 

*If we survive this, I’ll tell you.*

Fine by her, one less to mourn. *What does your Guide say? How is…*  Sarcosi trailed off not wanting to give out her bondmate’s name.

A safety precaution, one necessary considering what had happened. Until she knew that he was alone inside his own head, she’d tell no one her bondmate’s name who didn’t already know it. She cut the unknown blue a glare. Was he part of the conspiracy or was he an innocent party just as blindsided as she was by the betrayal?

*He’s coming around. That pulse must have knocked the leech out.*

Indeed, as if sensing that she needed proof, vague impressions floated to her down the bond she had with Anurevin. He was still out of it but regaining his wits, not fast enough to help though. She fought the urge to return to that iceberg and fetch him. He was better off recovering away from danger. Soon enough he’d have to plunge into the fight, but not yet. She had a punishment to mete out first.

Ahead the ship loomed; a four masted ocean goer with a pronounced prow meant for cleaving through sea ice, using dragon propulsion of course. Craning her neck, she lifted her head out of the water and studied the deck. No sign of anyone here, which she had expected. So where had the leech gone?

Close enough to be hit by the pulse, which hadn’t affected her or the blue. So had he or she been airborne at the time? Sarcosi scanned the icebergs for a dark shape against the luminous ice that didn’t belong. Spotting one, she fixed its location in her mind and ducked down until water covered her head. She poked a clawed hand up and closed it around a body and dragged it under the water.

Holding  the body in front of her eyes, their glow illuminated a dead man; two craters stood in for where his eyes had been before they’d been melted in their sockets. He wasn’t the leech. A residue would have clung to him if he was and she didn’t sense it, not in the magical spectrum and not in the psychic one either.

*Not him,* Anurevin said proving he was conscious and tracking their current situation. His mind voice was tired and strained; not good since they needed him to pull a victory out of defeat.


Sarcosi opened her hand and let the body slide away. Burial at sea for the fallen, perhaps not with the honor he might have deserved but the tide tugged him away anyway. Pinpricks of light attached themselves to the corpse spiraling downwards, caught in a riptide. They burrowed inwards as more of their fellows latched on. Nothing wasted away in the Star Sea; its magical denizens didn’t allow it.

Light poured from the newly deceased forcing Sarcosi to shield her eyes. In a flash, he was gone as if he’d never been. Something pale slipped free with a sigh more felt than heard and then the sea darkened; it was still spangled by the motes that gave it its magic but they no longer clustered together.

She had to knock out that leech before he reestablished his killing hold on her bondmate. Let the enemy grant her that time.


One life to give all,
the Star Sea takes what’s given;
recycles what’s found;
new life made from those expired;
the great circle turns.

~ ~ ~

Find out who done it next Sunday.

Part of The Lord of the Sea

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