Caught Tweeting: Great Writing You Missed

Caught Tweeting: Great Writing You Missed

Annie (@anniescribes) from What the Woman Wrote has slowly been getting me into Twitter and I noticed a lot of really great stuff on there. And much of it never finds its way on here until now.

In case you missed it, here’s a sample of the great writing showing up on Twitter:
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Poem by @anniescribes

–Annie (@anniescribes)  from What the Woman Wrote

Annie’s beautiful poem caught my eye and left me wondering what is that mystery that will never be resolved? Anyone have a theory? (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.) 



— Sable Swan (@Sable_Swan)

Reading this tweet made stop and think. Am I wasting tears and time on yesterday’s dreams instead of noticing what’s right in front of me? (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.) 


–Annie (@anniescribes)
from What the Woman Wrote

Ah memories, they cut like a double edged sword in this haunting verse and leave behind specters best forgotten. (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.) 


— Robert Folkard (@rfolkard1)

Such a beautiful way of accusing someone of having their head in the clouds too much, don’t you think? (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.) 


— Trent (@SFWords)

Sound advice Trent, my  thoughts exactly in fact. Life is best lived without regrets. I’ve not worked out how to live like that every minute of the day but I do try. (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.) 


–Annie (@anniescribes)
from What the Woman Wrote

What a rich little poem, full of so much suffering so vividly captured…this is another twitter gem pulled from the treasure trove that is Twitter–if you know where to look. I am learning where the goods are hidden or rather, who tweets the gems. (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.) 


–Annie (@anniescribes) from What the Woman Wrote

What a great verse to follow up the previous one which ended with a rusted goblet. (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.)


— Robert Folkard (@rfolkard1)

What a beautiful supposition. Perhaps when we pass on, we become that light shining in his poem. (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.)


 –Annie (@anniescribes)
from What the Woman Wrote

I love the imagery in this one. It’s a haunting little poem but one that illustrates how fragile life can be and how quick it can slip away if we’re not careful. (Click to retweet, <3, reply or follow.)

I hope you enjoyed this round-up of the great writing happening on twitter. Do you tweet poems, quotes or little bits of inspiration on Twitter? If so, let me know so I can feature you in the future. You can find me on Twitter @MelindaKucsera.

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  1. You’re awesome, Melinda. I love your analysis, your views on the subject matter discussed in each tweet, how you weave the tweets together. I feel really honored to have been featured like this. I’m really grateful – speaking of which, the first gratitude Senryu this week is dedicated to you.

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