Reacting With Grace

Reacting With Grace

“Too many benedictions go unsung,
Too many latent graces go unsprung!”

Autumn Ambles

Would that what Autumn Ambles wrote in his Sunday Sonnet #6 were not true but all too often it is. We often don’t praise the good as much as we should and so, as he so eloquently says, ‘too many latent graces go unsprung!’  

In the beginning of his jewel of a sonnet,  Autumn Ambles  says:

“Were I to lose my passion for delight
In counting all the blessings of my life,
Constructive thoughts of goodness shall take flight,
Condemning positivity to strife;” 

Autumn Ambles from Sunday Sonnet #6

Indeed in June, our positivity took a hit when terrorism struck.

“[…] As the tragic events of the weekend [of June 12] unfold, we need to allow ourselves #GraceAndSpace to […] be able to allow others that same respect and forgiveness. Allowing people to feel as if they’ve been heard, that their voice matters, and continuing to accept others who are different than we are is the only way to move forward in a world with more peace, love, and understanding — no matter who we are.”


Autumn Ambles continues, in his sage style, advocating that:

“The cornerstone of happiness resides
Within the way I deem and see the world,” 

Autumn Ambles from Sunday Sonnet #6

Our outlook is the key. We are the masters of our moods. We can extend that beneficence to others:

“Whatever Future vagary betides,
Or untowards upon my way are hurled,
May vigilance of thanklessness be key
To how I navigate my route ahead,
Then from anxiety I shall be free,
And calm contentment be my gift instead;”

Autumn Ambles from Sunday Sonnet #6

We can ensure that we don’t let:

Too many benedictions go unsung,
Too many latent graces go unsprung!”

Autumn Ambles from Sunday Sonnet #6

We can do this by:

“Giving yourself time to hurt, to grieve, to cry, to feel the pain, accepting that not all is well in the world, and yet having the strength to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, wipe away your tears, and finding the willpower to finish what you started – that is grace. For denying these feelings are denying the blessings showered on you.”


Additionally, there is one more facet that we much consider:

“Space and grace is found in everyone but often we find them strongest in the feminine. When the so-called feminine is finally unleashed in the world fully, we will see peace. By the way, feminine qualities are for man and woman.”

— Carol from WritersDream9

What say you to this? After considering the words of your blogging peers, what would you add to their interpretation?

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