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Curse Breaker: Enchanted
by Melinda Kucsera
Book 1 of the Curse Breaker Saga
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SARN indentured himself four years ago to pay for his brother’s education. It was a desperate bid to help his brother escape the cycle of poverty. For him there was never any hope, not while his body brims with illegal magic that just so happens to fuel the perpetual glow of his green eyes.

THE BARGAIN…The terms of his indenture landed him a stint with the Rangers who patrol the enchanted forest until a party of travelers is attacked in the forest’s midst and killed. Everything changes when that first drop of blood is spilled, waking the forest’s ire.

THE MYSTERY… Sarn tries to stay out of sight and trouble but one of the Rangers has plans for him. And the ghost of a child murdered in the forest haunts himโ€”a green-eyed child just like his own son. Who killed this boy and the party he traveled with and why? The answer might cost his sanity but to find it, he risks losing the son he’s kept a secret for four years. Not finding the answer might damn his son to share that murdered boy’s fate.

As conflicting plans collide beneath enchanted boughs, one thing is certain. If Sarn can’t get his magic under control, he’ll never find the answers that he seeks. But how far is he willing to go to find those answers? The search might cost more than his sanity; it might cost his life.


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Available in eBookย (Order now)and paperback (Oct. 15, 2016), (audio edition – TBA)

16 thoughts on “Order Curse Breaker: Enchanted Today

  1. That is an action-packed blurb stuffed with mystery and magic! I can already tell that there’s a lot going on in this story. I wish you the best of luck with it, Melinda!!

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    1. Hmm, it’s hard to say if it’s to my taste or not until I give it a shot. I do tend to love fantasy stories (there can never be enough magic, I think). I will definitely put your book on a to-read list, and trust that you’ll sweep me away in your world ๐Ÿ˜€

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