Yugto or Through the Mirror


She didn’t believe in ghosts until she became one. It all started on a sunny morning while her parents were away. On her way out the door, she’d paused to check her reflection in the gilt monstrosity in the hallway but the girl reflected in the antique silvered glass wasn’t her.

Horror struck, she’d watched hands extrude from the glass. Slender hands, a woman’s hands, and they’d twined in her cashmere sweater yanking her off her feet. Towards a wicked face framed in that glass she’d slid, so petrified by terror that she’d barely breathed.

The cold touch of glass was the last thing she’d felt. Her body had fallen dead on the floor while her soul had been pulled into the mirror and the nightmare world behind it.

to be continued…?

Thanks to Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and Rosema of A Reading Writer for Word High July #FilipinoWords #Prompt.

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