Ilium’s Foe Rises

(Continues from Ilium’s Bane)

Day 24 00:30

I took the robot’s hand feeling the cold metal against my skin as it pulled me in close to its body.  After it had wrapped an arm around me, securing me, it grabbed Havoc by the scruff of her neck. Flames erupted from its feet, and we lifted off. My robotic rescuer generated a shield around us and nozzles in his shoulders filled it with air.

We rose, cutting through the ship like a blowtorch until space’s pitch black vacuum swallowed us. I screamed as the madness of our savior overtook me.

“Be calm dear King, your life is safeguarded.
Your escape’s assured, your foes bombarded.”
Said the robot nodding to part of this nightmare.

Behind us, a boxy shape lit up, spewing debris then go dark as space’s vacuum snuffed out the fire. Thrusters on my savior’s back ignited shooting us toward an unknown intercept.

Was my vengeance worth all this? How many lives had my quest to punish Ilium claimed?

Havoc sensed my unease and nuzzled my hand. But her affection failed to soothe me.

Day 25 09:00

“Awaken my liege. You must take some food and water.”

“How long was I out?”

“It was a nine-hour trip to the rendezvous point. Please refresh yourself.”

“Why can’t I see? All’s in darkness.”

“We’re having a problem with the lights, but we’ll have the glitch fixed soon.  In the meantime,  food is here and drinks, there.”

“Who are you people? Why did you save me?”

“You must drink something.  You’re dehydrated. We’ll answer all your questions and more but later. I have to go. Please refresh yourself and regain your strength.”

Day 26

Once upon a time I was the king of a great city then my cheating bride ran off with a foreign prince. I launched a thousand ships to fetch her from Ilium. But the pursuit broke my mind and body.  Betrayed and left for snakes gnaw on, I spent countless days ravaged by fever.

Now I’m standing in the dark on someone else’s ship wondering where I went wrong.  But there are no answers in the dark,  only more questions.

The hunt for Ilium continues. 

A Month of Mini Writing Challenges Day 24-26

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