Don’t Lose it in The Fray

(Continues from This Night of Witch Light and Woe)


I flipped pages searching for the hope I’d sensed, and I found it. Tucked into the back of the book after Tevara’s tale of murder, betrayal and woe was a short story about a boy with startling green eyes. Around his neck hung a shard of Legacy and the promise of restoration. I skimmed the lines seeking his name, forgetting for a moment my danger.

“Hand over the book,” demanded the white-haired, sport-coat-wearing demon.

In his eyes, I saw the truth. He wanted to make sure his victory was complete but so long as this boy lived and breathed, it wasn’t. I looked from the demon to the book in my hands and my eyes finally located his name. The boy was called Sarn, and a great destiny rested on his thin shoulders.

I held his story in my hands and his life too. I would look after it in the coming fray. I knew how to save a life and oh baby, I’d save his even if it cost me my eternal rest. So far the ghost gig had brought nothing but grief. It was time I paid these cretins back in kind.

“Or what?” I kept my gaze from straying to my former crush and boss. No need to stack the deck against me any higher. These infernal whackjobs already knew Jase meant something to me. Or he had until he’d admitted he’d caused this whole mess.

The demon with the pale blue eyes nodded at Jase who still stared at the ground like it might rise up and offer salvation. Maybe it would. We watched the air crackle and spark until a blade of light cut through it severing the hamstrings of the two demons holding Jase captive. The rent in space-time grew wavy like the reception was messed up and a tentacle made of darkness snatched my lady knight yanking her back through the opening. Instead of toppling, the two demons flapped their wings in a pathetic attempt at getting airborne. A good gust knocked them sideways, and gravity took control, dropping them to the ground.

I rushed over and snagged Jase’s arm, and before he could react, I ran towing him behind me. Against my chest, I cradled the book. I still needed answers. Our run ended at the park where it all began, and I squelched my surprise at seeing a book resting on the same bench where I’d first encountered the novel in my hands. But this book wasn’t my book. Its cover matched the chalk diagrams I’d found in Jase’s office.

“We can’t stay here. We have to keep moving, or those things will catch us,” Jase said, but I ignored him.

With shaking fingers, I opened the black book and cast in ink, bold as you please, was Jase’s treachery. My mouth dropped open in shock.

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