Characters Takeover & Offer Free Books

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Hi there,

I’m so glad you’re back. A lot’s happened in the last seven days and—what was that? Did you just hear a loud bang? I’d better check this out.

A petite woman looks across the rows of beige cubicles to a window. A giant eye winks at her before fading out. From his vanishing talons, a sign falls but disappears when it lands on a fire truck’s roof. It says:

Write my damned story; I’m tired of waiting.

The computer screen goes black while she scans the office for witnesses to her runaway fantasy. Short walls block sight of her coworkers bent over their phones. A cloaked figure with a fist full of electrical cords dashes around a corner. Melinda rushes after him.

32 miles north, purple light blooms over a chaise lounge. Fingers reach through the glow and settle on a keyboard. Reflected in the LCD screen is a child’s smiling face. He chuckles as he starts typing.

Hello! Sorry about the subterfuge. We had to distract the Author (Melinda) for a little while. Worry not, your email addresses are safe with her. We (her characters) have to hijack her newsletter to speak directly to you. Masterminding such a scheme from another reality is not easy, but I had to do it. A blogger wants to interview one of Melinda’s characters, and I want you to choose me.

Who am I? I am Ran, son of Sarn. He’s the main character in Curse Breaker: Enchanted.

Purple light flares. The boy stops typing and blinks at the portal floating overhead. Why’s it strobing like that?

A grizzled head appears wreathed in purple light. The commander of the Rangers glares at the boy with the impenetrable eyes of an authority figure.

“You’re not even in the 12 chapter preview these folks downloaded for free. Why should they choose you?” Jerlo points an accusing finger at the boy.

Ran bats innocent green eyes at Jerlo. “Because I’m awesome. Papa says so. And everyone loves me.”

Jerlo sputters for a moment before gaining control of his temper and his tongue. After a moment of silence, he shakes his head and spears the boy with another glare. “Nice try. You were four when the events in Curse Breaker: Enchanted took place. No one except your father knew you existed or even interacted with you. And your presence here is a spoiler!”

Ran rolls his eyes, but before he can speak, a silver branch wraps around his waist and pulls him through the portal. Another branch, this one dripping silver radiance dances across the keys, leaving sparks and letters behind:

I hope you enjoyed meeting some of the characters of Curse Breaker: Enchanted. When the time comes, cast your vote for me, the Queen of All Trees. I protect you from spoilers.

The Queen of All Trees withdraws her branches and closes the portal before processing off. White light chases her bark and spins around its whorls. Far above, a young man stands on a balcony and watches her go. He shakes his cloaked head wondering just how he got roped into this. His son stands on tiptoe beside him, frowning down at the retreating Queen.

32 miles south, Melinda skids to a halt outside her boss’ door and glares at the tangled cords at her feet. They are the only proof her fantasy world has broken through again. She collects the evidence wondering what her character unplugged and heads back to her desk, unnerved by the close call. By the time she reboots her PC, this message was already sent.

We stole Melinda’s eReader, so she has no choice but to write our stories when she’s home from work.

Only one character will be interviewed. Who will you choose?

Join us next week as the shenanigans (and takeovers) continue as characters vie for your vote.

Thank you for reading!