The Story Behind the Story

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As I write this, a certain character is pacing around my apartment shooting looks ranging from disgruntled to outright pleading. (He wanted to talk to you.) But I’m the author, so he’ll have to wait until next week.

Anyway, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for signing up for my newsletter and sticking it out despite the takeovers and character mayhem. I am grateful for your time and attention especially today. Writing this email to you is keeping my mind off the tragic death of my sister three years ago. She was 29.

The last time I saw her alive, she made me promise to publish Sarn’s story. (His son is the grump wearing holes in my throw rugs.)  I did publish Curse Breaker: Enchanted in on my late’s sister’s birthday. After all, I made her a promise.

So without further ado, here’s what’s coming up in 2017:

  • One lucky character from Curse Breaker: Enchanted,  chosen by you, will be interviewed by a dear blogger, friend, poet and admitted fan girl, Jade Wong. Polls open in March. (Now you see why characters are circling my laptop. They want to convince you to vote for them.)
  • Clips from the forthcoming audio book for Curse Breaker: Enchanted narrated by your audio book obsessed author. (We’ll find out if listening to 1350 professionally produced audio books has given me the vocal chops to pull this off.)
  • Curse Breaker: Faceted in print, audio and ebook. A preview is coming your way soon.
  • Curse Breaker: Haunted (late 2017/early 2018)
  • Ride the Stars (late 2017/early 2018) and yes, this is Anurevin’s long awaited story.

And best of all, all you need to do is watch your inbox.

Oh no, my characters invaded an epic world, and there’s an angry army knocking on my door. While I deal with them, you can check out their latest high jinx here. Their adventures are listed in reverse chronological order for your reading pleasure. I’d better go negotiate a peace treaty with the shock troopers on my doorstep before they spear my car.

Have a great day and thank you for reading!


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