Mishandled Pixels (aka Cover Mock-Ups)

I spent my birthday walking in a winter wonderland and ended it with ribs, dark chocolate, frozen cherries, and photoshop. Nothing says love like some mishandled pixels. Here’s the fruits of my labors. What do you think?

For the re-edited, ‘more epic’ version of Curse Breaker: Enchanted because the cover should reflect it’s awesomeness better and the previous version is not edgy enough–

(Is it me or is this super creepy?)


For book 1 of a series I am calling ‘The Lord of the Sea’ until a better name comes along:
(Yes this is Anurevin‘s book)


I may tone the blue down a touch or two. It’s a little too bright. I have to apply this concept to book 2’s cover before I can tell if it’s going to work.

What do you think? I think I had a productive night.
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10 thoughts on “Mishandled Pixels (aka Cover Mock-Ups)

  1. The first one does look a bit creepy but I like it, I would definitely consider the creepy aspect if I went to publish it though. Not sure what I’d change to make it less creepy but it could turn away some readers

    I also think the blue needs to be toned down a bit in the second one. Around the “Before it rides you” there is the potential for the blue and the white to blend, especially for people with colour perception problems

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      1. Find someone with a colour perception problem and ask them how it looks. You don’t have to take their advice but with the number of people who have colour issues these days it’s wroth taking into account. I use my Dad for colouring issues because he can’t tell certain colours like those on a traffic light and with something like the blue cover the blue and white would begin to blend with each other. That’s not to say the blue is wrong maybe that the text needs highlighting or something.

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          1. The problem with colour perception problems is that so many people suffer from them and those without have little idea how it effects them. Then there is those who are colour blind who see it completely different again. It’s hard to design for all those people but if you know anyone with them it’s definitely worth asking an opinion.


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