Battle of the Pixels

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Why the obsession with cover designs? Because I learned the hard way that before the book is done, you gotta think about how to market it. In fact, it’s best to consider the cover/blurbs/marketing before you start the book. Since Curse Breaker: Faceted is a crossover novel, it will lead right into both Curse Breaker: Haunted and Ride the Darkness. Ride the Darkness is the first book in a related series. So I need a visual and marketing direction for it. No pressure right?

Oh, and I am re-editing and re-releasing Curse Breaker: Enchanted. So I need a punched up cover to go with my faster paced, more epic plot.

So back to my cover dilemma.

Yesterday, I put up two designs. Check them out here.

Today’s batch includes a new design for Curse Breaker: Enchanted because yesterday’s design was too thriller since the book is epic fantasy. So I went back to photoshop and engaged in epic pixel battles. Here’s what I came up with:


(Drawn from my fav scene in the book which I took up ten notches on the magical/cool meter.)

Some additional cover designs for Ride the Darkness and subsequent books in the series:

I need to work on the typography. Not happy with the layout of the text in these, but typography is secondary. The visual centerpiece of the design needs to hang together before I dive into that. The idea I introduced yesterday seems to work. I will tone down yesterday’s design since it works across different covers. I like the purple one best but she is one of my fav characters.

Right now the series will be:

  1. Ride the Darkness (Anurevin’s story)
  2. Search the Stars
  3. Attracted to Starlight
  4. Untitled as of Yet (possible crossover, my characters are plotting something but they are not divulging details yet.)

12 thoughts on “Battle of the Pixels

  1. Ok I’ll give you a critical analysis for what it’s worth 🙂

    I like Enchanted and it’s one case where I think the green could be a bit brighter, maybe not as bright as the eyes but looking at it in a smaller size (like you would see on Amazon etc) you might loose a little bit of detail because the greens loose the definitive line that separates them. Otherwise I think that image really works.

    The first ride the darkness seems to have a bit too much going on on the left hand side, looking at it in a smaller version I don’t know that the viewer will recognise what you’re trying to portray with the image. And in the smaller version your name disappears a little into the white.

    The second ride the darkness I like, the right hand portion in small size is difficult to tell what it is but the rest of the cover looks really good.

    Search the stars I really like too, it took me several views to see the face but now I have seen it it’s obvious. I like the colours and they seem to blend well

    I like attracted to starlight too, although I think the colour is wrong. Not sure why, not sure what colour would be a better fit but the orange to me doesn’t suit that picture or with the other books but I like the face and the details of the face. Your name has the potential to get a bit lost in the white too but that’s a minor thing because you can always put a 2 pixel border around text that will fix issues like that.

    Overall I think the purple works better because of the way purple blends back to white. Blue especially the blue you used yesterday blends into white really easy and on a smaller image can have the tendency to spread into white before the actual colour change where as the purple doesn’t do that as much.

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