Saved By A Hat?

Hi Readers,

Last week, I reported on Operation: Get Written, my personal mission for 2019. I’m on a quest for more page time with Papa, of course. Adventures are more fun with him in tow.

I also showed you what I could about First Lovean anthology published by Dragon Soul Press, which features Caught in a Glance, episode 1 of Curse Breaker’s Shadow.

I wanted to share more about that story because it’s so sweet, but it’ll be published on Kindle Unlimited, so I’m not allowed to give you a sneak peek. 😦

Bummer, right?

I thought so too. You know how much I like to take you behind the scenes. Since I can’t do that because of contractual issues, I had a brilliant idea!

I asked our scribe to finish episode 2 of Curse Breaker’s Shadow. I’ve been bugging her about that since Enchanted published. In episode 2, tentatively titled A Darker Shade of Love, Shade will sacrifice everything to save Papa from a power-hungry warlock-wannabe and his twelve cronies.

Since *I* Ran, son of Sarn, will be hitting the magical publish button for that one, (and it will be widely available), I can give you sneak peeks! *Happy Dance!*

I’d show you now, but Melinda hid the draft from me. 😦 Don’t worry. I’ll get my hands on it somehow.

And now, I return you to what I hope will be the conclusion of our dragonish problem. Missed an episode? Catch up here: part 1part 2, part 3.

Attempt to lure the dragon away from the boiler room #4:

When you last saw us, the now red-hot-glowing dragon loomed over us. Well, me in particular. I’m little and cute and easily loomed over. But I digress. Our previous attempt to dislodge her might have backfired.

Meanwhile,  I cowered behind Papa and his magical shields and scrolled through the advice we’d received for something to calm the enraged dragon down before she melted everything in sight.

And you, our awesome reader, came through for me. The next message I clicked offered the reassurance I so desperately needed. It’s like you knew just what we needed to hear. ❤

“Don’t worry, everyone. Athena says, ‘she will lose focus after a bit,'” I said when a hush fell over those gathered to witness this.

“How does she know that?” Uncle Miren, ever the downer, asked.

“Because she knows stuff. Remember, we’re in her world now not ours. So of course, she would know what to do.” I shot Uncle Miren a stern look. He ignored it.

“Did she say how long that would take?”

“No, she just said, ‘after a bit.’ So she shouldn’t take too long.”

“In the meantime, what other advice have we received?” Papa asked.

“I’ll check.”

“Please hurry. It’s getting a little warm in here.”

“And steamy too. She might have cracked a pipe,” Uncle Miren added as he backed up.

I did too, and I pulled on the back of Papa’s pants to ensure he moved with me. I didn’t want a steamed Papa. I liked him just the way he was even if he was too quiet sometimes.

“It’s possible. She’s squeezing the boiler system pretty hard.”

Papa removed my hands from his pants. He’s afraid I’ll yank them off him, but how can I when he’s wearing a belt? Besides, I’d never do that. I only pull as hard as I need to get his attention.

I resumed scrolling. Our scribe gets a lot of spam. I wish the dragon would eat those spam messages. She is digital after all.  I made a mental note to ask her about that when she wasn’t so red-hot or angry.

“That heat she’s giving off can’t be good for those banks of blinking lights. Any idea what they are?”

Uncle Miren pointed to several metal boxy things hanging on the walls. Wires wound in and out of them doing something important for our scribe and her neighbors’ apartments, but I didn’t know what. Nor could I do anything to help them until we ejected the dragon from this echo-chamber. I resumed my hunt for advice.

“Jessica says, ‘maybe she’s thirsty or cold. Try giving her a drink. Or maybe get her her own boiler to hug. Have Papa make one with his magic and warm it up.’ Can you do that?”

Papa looked at me in confusion then shook his head. “I don’t know how to even make a start on that. Let’s try the water first. I know where we can get some.”

“Okay, maybe the water will cool her off so she can act rationally.”

I looked at the utility sink. It stood there in all its paint-splattered glory between a washing machine and a dryer. Both machines were shaking themselves apart in an attempt to clean the clothes inside them. Their owner must be pretty brave to do laundry just steps away from an enraged dragon.

The nurse from the other side of the building tipped her hat to us. It was new, and the orange perfectly complemented her dark skin. But she always looked radiant even in her hospital scrubs. So she was the brave laundress.

I wasn’t the only one eyeing her cool hat. It had a wide brim and an orange feather tucked into the upward-curving brim that trailed down her back.

“Nice hat,” said the dragon as she extended a claw toward it.

Melinda’s neighbor sidestepped the dragon’s clumsy attempt at hat-thievery.

“Ah, ah, ah, no stealing in front of children.” She nodded to me, and I returned the nod with a smile. I liked her spunk.

“Yes, stealing is bad,” I added because it needed saying. The Newsletter-Dragon must have missed that lesson growing up.

Papa jerked his thumb at the lady in the orange hat, “What she said. If you teach my son to steal, your horde will never be safe. Is that what you want?”

“I’ll incinerate him if he lays one finger on them!” roared the dragon.

Her hot breath knocked Papa’s hood off and mine too. But not that orange hat. Our scribe’s neighbor clamped it to her head with one hand and gave the dragon a smug smile.

“What about that water?” I nudged Papa.

“I’m working on that.”

I wondered what Papa had in mind. One of his magics hated water. If the other one had a preference, he’d never said.

“Is she ever rational?”

Uncle Miren nodded to the dragon who could hear every word we said through her big ears. They were taller than I was.

“Don’t insult her. I don’t want to find out if my magic is proof against fire.”

Papa stared at the utility sink across from the dragon until his magic reached out and turned the spigot on. The Newsletter-Dragon eyed the water falling into the peeling sink.

We all watched it and wondered the same thing. Will water defeat the dragon?

Find out next week.

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Until next time, dear reader

This is Ran, son of Sarn, “The Prince of Scrolls,” wishing you a great week! 😉


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