What A Bear’s Gotta Do


Don’t adjust your newsletter-reading device. This is Bear. Well, Ran’s Bear if you want to be specific.

Yes, as much as this pains me to admit it, I’m a bear spirit living inside a stuffed bear, and you’ve seen the complications that come with that in Curse Breaker: Faceted, Curse Breaker: Falls, Curse Breaker: Sunderedand coming soon, Curse Breaker: Hidden. So, I won’t rehash that here. Said stuffed toy belongs to your regular newsletter host, Ran, Sarn’s son. I guess I do too.

Where is Ran?

He’s standing on tiptoe on a rolling cart, so he can peer over our Scribe, Melinda’s, shoulder. Don’t worry. He’s holding onto his father, Sarn, and you know Sarn has a good grip on his son. His magic does too. It’s currently holding the cart in place while that adorable child stands on it.

And you’re probably wondering what Ran’s looking at. Well, it’s the cover for Hunter’s Night. But wait, that can’t be right because Hunter’s Night will publish on Sept 19 as part of a multi-author boxed set called Rogue Skies.

Yes, it will, but Rogue Skies will only be available for a very short time after it publishes, which is why I urge you to pre-order your copy now.

After that, the rights to Hunter’s Night will revert back to our Scribe, Melinda, and it’ll need a cover of its own. Melinda did buy one, but that was before she’d written the book.

This is the cover Melinda bought for Hunter’s Night:

Hunter's Night (1).jpg

While writing Hunter’s Night, she realized the sequel will need a cover. But the designer for the cover she’d bought had given her such a hard time, Melinda didn’t want to patronize her even for the paperback cover which costs extra.

So along came Ran, and he urged her to make her own image purely for promotional reasons. (He likes to share images of us on social media. I’m sure you’ve seen his posts.) That image really captured the essence of the sequel. But we’re not sure it matches the cover Melinda had bought.

This is the cover for Rogue Night, the sequel to Hunter’s Night:


Ran suggested Melinda create a new one for Hunter’s Night, and that my dear friends, is what Ran’s doing right now. He’s art-directing that new cover, and Miren, his uncle, is contradicting all his suggestions.

I think he should just leave it alone, so Melinda can finish Rogue Night, but what do I know? I’m just the ghost bear who put up a preview of Hunter’s Night on Bookfunnel. 🙂  Download it now. 🙂

Where is Robin in all this? It is her book though you wouldn’t know it by the way Ran’s carrying on about the cover. He’s in the book, but he only has a couple of scenes. Sarn has more, but he keeps blushing every time he catches Robin’s eye. I don’t think he’s even paying attention to the argument in progress.

As for Robin, she’s not sure what to make of this. She’s a little older than Sarn and a relatively new character. As such, she’s sitting with her daughter across the room watching everything. But her daughter, that Rosalie, she’s paying far more attention to me typing this email to you on Melinda’s cellphone than to the squabbling over the cover. There’s a determined look in her eyes.

Ran might have some competition for control of this newsletter. After all, Rosalie is only six months younger than him, and she’s quite precocious in her own way. Only time will tell how that will play out.

And now, I will return you to the boiler room in time for me to save the day again. Hey, a bear’s gotta do what a bear’s gotta do, even if he’s currently inhabiting a teddy bear’s body.

Dragonish Problems, Part 10

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While Ran and company were in the boiler room dealing with dragonish problems, I, Bear,  waddled around the furniture in Melinda’s cluttered studio apartment holding a sheaf of papers in my paw. I had to set those papers on the floor because Melinda didn’t own a coffee table.

There wasn’t any room for one anyway. In fact, there was barely enough room for me to get around, and I’m not that pudgy. But I might be carrying around more than a few more ounces of stuffing than necessary because the makers of thus furry excuse for a body decided it should be rotund rather than svelte with a big belly and short appendages.

So walking around was a chore especially in the real world where Melinda lives. There wasn’t enough magic there for a bear like me to reconfigure my body into something a little more anatomically correct. But I made do with waddling like a duck toward the door and hoped no one, especially Ran, noticed my ungainly gait.

Unfortunately, someone had swung the door closed earlier, and the knob was just out of reach. Damn. I couldn’t stand on tiptoe because this stuffed body didn’t have toes, just rounded feet that caused me to tip forward when I waddled. Since I was all head and body, this usually meant I fell head-first or rather ear-first since my ears were giant furry discs on top of my head.

I sighed as my massive head smacked the door, and it opened, spilling me into a tiled hallway crowded with people. A nice older lady set me on my feet and didn’t even blink at the sight of a mobile teddy bear for which I was grateful. It’s not easy explaining my origins.

“Thank you,” I said as he edged past her.

“You, young things, always falling down.” She clucked her tongue and ruffled the fur on top of my head and nearly knocked me over again. I was that unsteady in this body.

Thankfully, a frantically flailing stuffed animal didn’t phase her. She thought I was a little boy. Ran would get a kick out of that. Too bad he was otherwise engaged right now on magical business and hadn’t noticed this. Maybe I would tell him later.

Then again, maybe not since it painted me in an unflattering light. My actions in Curse Breaker: Faceted had cemented me as a hero in Ran’s young mind. I didn’t want to jeopardize that.

So I bobbled through the dense crowd, using them like bumpers to stabilize me each time I lost my balance, which was about every other step. I would have chosen a more mobile body, but Ran lived in a cave, which had limited my options at the time. This floppy excuse for a body was all that had been available then.

But I eventually made it through the ranks of people who must be Melinda’s neighbors and bumped into the Scribe herself. Well, my head did. I sort of collided with the back of her knee, but Melinda has excellent balance from all the walking she does, so she didn’t fall. But she did turn, removing my support, and I fell forward onto my too-big head.

“Bear!” Ran shouted in delight then he was barreling toward me, and stealing back control of this narrative. This story will have to continue next week.

–This is Bear, signing off

P.S. I hope you enjoyed this week’s adventure. It was a little more off the wall than our usual fare. But we do go a little bonkers when Melinda’s too busy to rein us in. 🙂

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