Captured by That Damned Dragon

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I hope you are well and as safe as you can be during this uncertain time. We’re okay here in New York despite mounting numbers of infections. Our fantasy world is virus-free if you’re looking for vacation spots. All you have to do is crack open one of our books, and you’ll be instantly transported.

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And now back to me, Ran, your host and the son of the most magical character in our cast. 🙂 Last week, the Newsletter-Dragon tricked me, and the world turned black as I disappeared. I know. I should have guessed it was a trap, but I just wanted to save my Scribe. I thought the Newsletter-Dragon would put aside our petty squabbles (all of which she instigated, if you recall from our past newsletter adventures.)

If you don’t remember, don’t worry. Our past adventures are coming to ebook soon. Because we could all use some whimsical, light adventures in our lives right now even if they include my digital nemesis. Onward to this week’s episode.

Holiday Troubles, Part 15

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I tried to call for Papa, but no words left my mouth until the darkness lightened, revealing a dim place with alternating black and white squares and a familiar blue glow.

The Newsletter-Dragon stomped toward me. She dwarfed me in this form, but everyone did, so I just fisted my hands on my hips and waited for her to make her dramatic entrance. She was such a drama queen.

A green glow appeared to my left, and I relaxed a little. Papa was there, and the stray feather floating past me signaled that my aunt was too. I snatched the feather out of the air and pocketed it in case I needed to call her.

“Where’s Melinda?” Papa asked while I glanced around at the chess board.

Would we need to play a game to get our Scribe back? Shadows wreathed the edges of the board, obscuring whatever was beyond it.

“Not here obviously.” The dragon narrowed her blue-glowing eyes at us.

“Then where is she?” Uncle Miren stepped into my line of sight.

Was J.C. here too? I checked the squares behind us and jumped when Bear’s fuzzy paw patted my hand. Wherever we were, there was magic here because Bear had reshaped himself to look more grizzly and less stuffed. I missed his stitched grin, but he looked fiercer with a real bear’s snout, and we might need that fierceness to prevail against the Dark Lady and her minions.

“Are you working for the Dark Lady?” I studied the oncoming dragon. She was still growing as she approached, but that question stopped her in her insecure tracks.

The dragon shifted her wings uncomfortably, so she was in league with that scary lady. But why? What could she possibly gain by such an alliance?

What she’d always wanted–more page time. In fact, she was getting it right now by prolonging our search. “That’s why you don’t answer our questions. If you did, we could drop you from the story and move on to the important bit–saving our Scribe. You’re a bad dragon.” I shook my finger at her.

She snapped her jaw in impatience, but she was too far away to bite my hand off, and a green magical shield sprang up around me in case she gave that a try. I was fully protected now as I turned my back on her. I caught Papa’s hand and strode away.

“Where are you going?” he asked as I tugged his hand.

“Away from her. She doesn’t have any answers. Nor does she know where our Scribe is. She just wants attention, and we gave her enough of that already. We have to find our Scribe ourselves.” I glanced up at Papa to see if maybe his magic could help with that. It liked finding people, and we had an important person to find. The fate of my future books hung in the balance.

Papa glanced over his shoulder at the newsletter-dragon in disbelief. “You don’t know where she is?”

Uh-oh. now he was mad. His free hand curled into a fist and magic snapped and sparked around him. I tugged his hand. We’d given that dragon too much of our time. “Can’t you magic find her?”

Before Papa could answer, the dragon sucked in a deep breath then spun on her heel and blew it out, dispersing the mist that had enshrouded the edges of the board. But it wasn’t a board after all.

It was a road that snaked off into the distant mountains, and on the shoulder of one of those mountains, a dark castle loomed. Behind it, dusk purpled the sky.

“She’s in that castle.” The dragon pointed unnececssarily at it.

We’d already figured that out, but I held my tongue in case she had some more information to share, like where in the eight turreted towers we might find our Scribe. Besides, I’d insulted her enough for one day. I could be nice if she could be. But that was a big if.

“Where in that castle?” Papa pressed before I could.

“How should I know? You took her phone. I have no way of tracking her without it.” The dragon glowered at me, and I hunched my shoulders because she was right.

I did have Melinda’s phone in my pocket. But I only took it because I’d needed to email our readers to ask them how to separate the Newsletter-Dragon from the boiler system. So, really, it was her fault I had Melinda’s phone.

Uncle Miren patted me on the head, absolving me of any guilt I might have felt. “Then how do you know she’s in that castle if my nephew has her phone?”

Yeah, how did she know? That was mighty mysterious, right?


Tune in next time for the answer and to find out just how we’re going to storm that castle. I’m definitely not walking to it. Someone (Papa?) had better carry me.

Stay safe. Stay home. Flatten that curve, and if there’s some way to help those on the front lines of this pandemic, please do it. Be kind to those who are risking their lives. Next time, it could be you or I out there.

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