Where is chapter 3?

Well, it didn’t wander away. Chapter 3 of His Angelic Keeper Fallen is still part of the book. I didn’t lose it or delete it, or anything like that. 

While working on the chapters near the end, I realized I need to change some of the chapters in the beginning. (Yes, I am still writing this book now. The book isn’t done, even though it’s 1113,000 words long.) 

So I got up early, asked a friendly AI to read the book to me, and went for a long walk. By the end, I knew I needed to remove one chapter (not the first or second one. I wouldn’t have posted them if I wasn’t sure they done, story-wise.)

Chapter 3 stayed the same, so I could have run that through all the grammar checks and put it up, but I changed chapter 4. 

In fact, I removed it. I had written it from the Angel of Death’s (AoD) point of view (POV) because I thought I’d write a few more chapters from her POV to show things none of the main characters (MCs) were there to see. 

But the story flows so well without that, I never wrote those additional chapters. She’s not really a big player in this book, anyway. So I removed her chapter. In Curse Breaker Hidden, Nolo sees the entire scene anyway, so the AoD’s chapter in Fallen wasn’t adding much that was new. 

Sovvan didn’t know what was happening, anyway, for reasons you either already know (because you read Curse Breaker Hidden) or you’ll discover when you read chapter 5 in Fallen. 

I also removed two chapters about Queen Shayari, but I just put them back after I reread parts of Curse Breaker Hidden. I have to give her a couple of chapters. Curse Breaker Hidden promises that you’ll her side of the story and find out what happened to her after she vanished in Curse Breaker Sundered. (I am pretty sure that happened in Sundered, but it might have been Curse Breaker Falls.

So I put those chapters back. I had considered doing them as a short story for her or including them in Curse Breaker Trapped, but nah. They make more sense in His Angelic Keeper Fallen. 

I’s cool to write about her separately from the Queen of All Trees. So those chapters are staying in, and I will keep trying to end this book before it surpasses my longest book, Curse Breaker Enchanted, (165,000+ words). Enchanted should probably be two books, but I like them as one book.

Sorry for throwing all the book titles at you, but I have 4 linked series that take place in the same world, and 2 of those series share characters, (the His Angelic Keeper series & the Curse Breaker series).

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