On Images


Everyone has quirks but do your quirks have quirks of their own? My quirks come in pixels too.

Unless otherwise stated, all the images on my blog are mine. Meaning they were photographed and photoshopped by me. Sometimes I even remember to label where I shot them. I worked as a photo retoucher right out of college and even dabbled in some digital painting and 3D modeling. If you like a picture, feel free to  say so.

Please do not copy, manipulate or otherwise use my imagery without my consent.


4 thoughts on “On Images

  1. Photography is one of my passions. I used to have a photo blog last year but I decided to delete it due to the lack of time. But I am more into a natural look when it comes to pictures. I don’t believe in altering state of what is, but I can appreciate works of others.Especially when they are done in good taste.

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    1. Usually I alter photos to make up for photographic blunders–too dark, too light, wrong camera setting, etc. Or to draw attention to some part of the image. Sometimes you need to piece together the image you saw from many photos because your camera couldn’t get it all in one shot with everything in focus. Those are the only reasons I would photoshop an image. I like the natural look too but sometimes I can’t capture it the way I saw it. Then I need Photoshop to help me. Thanks for reading and commenting!


      1. Then, I’m with you all the way because I do these alterations too. I even dare to remove a garbage bin if it is obscuring the perfect view of the moon but can’t shot the photo otherwise. I even erase people to get the image of a lonely abandoned beach that I have in mind.

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