Aerials Part 3

Their eyes watched the sky, gazing at an object lost in the sun haze. Could it be a UFO or an aircraft off course? Continue reading Aerials Part 3

Million Dollar Question: Who are our Aerial Spies?

Aerial Spies They’re eyes watched the sky where a bright orb flew. Camera feeds cut out as speculation grew. Was it an alien ship that blew past the international space station? Or did it have a cosmological explanation? A rogue comet perhaps, or some reason that’s astrological in nature? A true phenomenon mayhap, unless YouTube’s vision lies, or my eyes deceive me. Lens flaring changes the orb from an ovoid to a cross shape that flies, perhaps its a sign that our lives absorb a mind much vaster still, a Creator who’s come spying like an aviator. ~ ~ ~ In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: … Continue reading Million Dollar Question: Who are our Aerial Spies?