No Fireworks but we come bearing discount codes and coupons

Hi Readers, Are you excited? I hope you are. Curse Breaker Trapped publishes on Thursday everywhere! But you can purchase it at our new store for 30% using the code CBS30 at checkout. That code is good for 30% off all books that are 2.99+ on our store. Don’t forget the Humorous Fantasy Bundle ends on July 7th, so head over to to grab the 13 books in the bundle and support Challenger Learning Centers for Space Science Education before the bundle disappears forever. Wait, there’s one last thing we need to discuss before we jump back into our … Continue reading No Fireworks but we come bearing discount codes and coupons

Need a Laugh?

Hi Readers, I’m back in your inbox with exciting news. (This is Ran, Sarn’s son, and chief page hog.) We sent Curse Breaker Trapped to our Patrons yesterday to thank them for helping to make the book possible, and wait for it. We have an enchanted sea! Where is it? Somewhere beyond the borders of my home country. This sea isn’t on Jerlo’s infamous map. I’ve checked. What does the Scribe say about it? “The Star Sea is out west somewhere.” So there you have it. We now have an enchanted forest and a magical sea. I didn’t know we … Continue reading Need a Laugh?

Book bundles and Book Videos, oh my!

Hi Readers! We hope all the fathers had a happy Father’s Day. I celebrated it by getting more page time for my favorite father, my Papa, Sarn. I’m not sure he appreciated that gift because it means more of all the things that drive him crazy, but I’ll work him. One day, he’ll see more page time is good for us. (This is Ran, his son, and I want all the page time!) A lot happened this week outside of Father’s Day, so let’s jump right in, so we can get back to our preview. I’ve already got the popcorn … Continue reading Book bundles and Book Videos, oh my!

Curse Breaker Enchanted is on YouTube!

Watch it now. The video was too long, so we had to separate part 1 and part 2 into separate videos. And it’s weird having them separated. They spent six years as one book. But YouTube has rules and they don’t allow videos over 12 hours, so we had to break it into two. What’s in the video? I’d love to say there’s stunning visuals, but you’ll need to imagine them because we don’t have a good enough graphics card to render animations. (We’ve tried, but the program crashes. 🥺) So you’ll just have the cover. But the audio is … Continue reading Curse Breaker Enchanted is on YouTube!

The Scribe is a bit freaked out

Hi Readers! The Scribe is a bit freaked out. Why? Because a spider fell out of the laundry basket when she dumped its contents into the washing machine. I might have been sitting on the dryer asking for more page time when it happened. This is Ran, Sarn’s son, and your host for this week’s newsletter. Did I get more page time? You bet! I picked up the sock the spider had landed on, and it took the opportunity to jump away. Smart spider. I would have set the spider down on the floor, so it could scuttle away, but … Continue reading The Scribe is a bit freaked out

We’re Sorry

Hi Readers, We’re back with an apology. Why are we apologizing? First, we just want to take a moment to remember those who have died serving their country. We didn’t honor them last week because that might have gotten lost in the long-awaited, much-anticipated, preview of Curse Breaker Trapped. Before you scroll down to read the next installment of our preview, let’s all take a moment to remember the fallen and their families. Wait! Don’t scroll down yet. We, characters, still need to apologize. Why are we apologizing? Because our Scribe, Melinda’s, name is very small on our books, and … Continue reading We’re Sorry