Spirit Bear vs Digital Dragon

Hi Readers, We hope you had a great weekend. Our scribe is hard at work on finishing Sundered. We’re getting close to that! I (Ran) might have rearranged things a little, but don’t tell our scribe. She’ll see my changes when she edits the final draft, and we hope that will be soon. Our scribe has added 43,000 words to Sundered since 9/16.  🙂 I also might have bought a 3d dragon model. While our scribe is working on Sundered, we might have played around with some ideas for covers for His Angelic Keeper, the sister series to our Curse Breaker books that stars my … Continue reading Spirit Bear vs Digital Dragon

Deliver us from digital dragons

Hi Readers, This past week, we wished our scribe’s deceased sister, Carolyn, a happy birthday in heaven, and our scribed missed her a lot. We (the cast) implored Carolyn to have a quiet word with my Auntie Sovvan the next time Papa’s Guardian Angel drags her back to heaven. We need her to: stop doing cool things stop encouraging other characters (Nolo, we’re looking at you.) to do cool things so our poor scribe can end Curse Breaker: Sundered. I have big plans for the sequel, but we must get there first! We really wanted Sundered to come out this … Continue reading Deliver us from digital dragons

From our lips to Heaven’s ears

The cast wishes our scribe’s much-missed sister a very happy birthday in heaven. RIP Carolyn Kucsera. We’re sorry book 5 didn’t publish on your birthday. Please stop giving Auntie Sovvan ideas. She’s running amock doing cool things and egging on other characters and generally making it hard for our scribe to end the book. If you could take her aside next time my Papa’s guardian angel drags her back to Heaven and have a quiet word with her, I and the rest of the cast would be forever grateful.   — Ran, son of Sarn, “asker of favors” Continue reading From our lips to Heaven’s ears

Oh, how we glow

Hi epic readers!   Are you ready for what we hope is pretty close to the final cover?   Because we are.   This is a final draft that we hope just needs a few tweaks. Amazon took over our previous printer (Createspace) so we had to download a new template to build our cover. That’s why everything is a bit left shifted. We used their guides, but we didn’t know it was off a bit until we cropped out just the front cover.   (We don’t yet have a back cover, but I think we’ll just use the background … Continue reading Oh, how we glow

Don’t Accept Gifts from Dragons (Even if They’re Yours)

Hi Readers, We hope you’re having a great day, and that you’re safe. There’s a lot of dangerous weather out there, so be careful! We wanted to show off our new cover or at least a close-to-final draft, but there’s this thing called “rim lighting” that’s supposed to back-light Papa and me, so we stand out. All cover art has that. When done right it, it looks really cool. Without it, Papa and I merge with the background and don’t look right. Since we’re the stars, that’s not good. So we’re trying to achieve that effect in 3d and then … Continue reading Don’t Accept Gifts from Dragons (Even if They’re Yours)

The Book Whisperer

Hi Readers! We don’t have a cover to show you this week, but we think we finally found the ONE. It’s a slightly different camera angle from last week’s version, but it really shows Papa’s protective streak. We also tweaked a few other things from the version you saw last week and put the architectural features back, but they’re from a different angle. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who wrote in and pointed out that my neck had issues, and a few other things we hadn’t seen. All week, our new pc has been rendering the highest … Continue reading The Book Whisperer

We are Epic Fantasy

Hi Readers, It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. We finally got our new pc set up, and we rendered what we think will be the final version of our cover. It’s pretty epic and we got Papa’s pendant in there. I wield that crystal with deadly efficacy in Sundered, and I try very hard not to choke Papa in the process since it won’t let us take it off. I do not always succeed. We’re still deciding how best to draw in the leather cord Papa wears that crystal on. It’s black, so it’s hard to see. What do … Continue reading We are Epic Fantasy

Correcting the Magical send Button

An astute reader pointed out to us this morning the following very important information: Perhaps the source of the trouble is due to the FOUR words revolving in that elliptical orbit actually being FIVE. ‘Engage the Engines of Fantasy!’ — Wanda Wanda is referring to that time the Newsletter-Dragon stole our send button. And she’s right. When the button disappeared, it had four words on it, but that Newsletter-Dragon’s constantly changing things on us. Let me back up a little an explain, so you can get a clearer picture of the shenanigans that go on behind the scenes. Our original … Continue reading Correcting the Magical send Button

Green and Grainy, anyone?

We’re green! We’re still grainy, but I hatched a daring plan to fix that. Full details on that adventure will be in this week’s newsletter in lieu of our regular shenanigans. Said newsletter will go out Monday even if I have to beat the pc up to get it out.   We’re very sorry this version is six days late. We had almost insurmountable computer issues. We only managed to get this one to work through a fluke in the system.   So, we’re green. Probably too green, well I am anyway. Papa might be okay green-wise.   I’m supposed … Continue reading Green and Grainy, anyone?