From the flames, we ascend…

Hi Readers, I’m baffled and hope you can help. Last week, I told you we put out a hit on our old covers—I mean—we floated the request for a new cover around Fiverr and received some bids. One of the designers really impressed us. She totally got who we are and what we stand for. So we hired her to recover Enchanted. (Enchanted is still free, or it should be. Amazon tends to change the price without notice. So that link will take you to our site where there’s a failsafe for that. We’ve learned our lesson.) We asked the designer … Continue reading From the flames, we ascend…

Happy Father’s Day

The cast and our scribe wish everyone a happy Father’s day! And this fictional character would like to wish his equally fictional father a happy Father’s Day too. But you might want to open that present before it jumps off the table…Bear doesn’t like enclosed spaces… 😉   — Ran, son of Sarn, “the well-wishing character” (Want more about Bear? Watch him save Papa and me from some serious evildoers in Curse Breaker: Faceted.) Continue reading Happy Father’s Day

Angels & Magic: Limited-Edition Collections

^Angels & Magic: A Limited-Edition Collection of Angel Fantasy Novels  11 books of mayhem, magic and angelic awesomeness. It includes His Angelic Keeper, the first book in a companion series starring my aunt. She’s rubbing shoulders with some bestselling authors in this one. Get it on: Amazon | Elsewhere ^Angels & Magic: The Bonus Collection 7 stories featuring angels and magic (We’re not in this one, but we love the cover.) Get it on: Amazon | Elsewhere ^Wings & Wonder  4 stories with angels exclusively on Amazon. (We’re not in this one, but we’re cheering from the sidelines.) Get it on: Amazon ^His … Continue reading Angels & Magic: Limited-Edition Collections

Kidnapping Angels & Privacy Policies

Hi Readers, This is not your newsletter-dragon. She bungled things last week, so it falls to me to fix things or my brother and nephew will never get rescued and that, my dear friend, is unacceptable. I miss my nephew. Ran and I haven’t had much face time since I only just met him (in terms of the space-time continuum within our book world.) So I want to get him back. And let’s face it, if I see one more email mentioning GDPR, I’ll fling my halo chakram-style at the newsletter-dragon while shouting an ululating war cry. (I didn’t get … Continue reading Kidnapping Angels & Privacy Policies

I’m Fan-girling hard here

I’m having a fan girl moment. (This is your scribe, Melinda.) My favorite author, Michael J. Sullivan, mentioned me in comment… It’s a conversation about his books, which I love, but maybe someday we’ll talk as authors do…. I dream of my books standing proud in an anthology with his… I’ve got a long way to go though. But someday I hope this will happen. I’m a huge fan… and OMG it would be so fun to promote that in my newsletter… The possibilities are endless!!! Can you see Ran and Sarn rubbing elbows with Royce and Hadrian? OMG… I’m … Continue reading I’m Fan-girling hard here

The Angels Are Coming!

Hi Readers! Well, our scribe did it. She finished Auntie Sovvan’s adventure by the deadline. Her first stab at main-character-hood will take her from the formless gray of limbo (the Gray Between) to the gates of heaven as she quests to find out the truth about her death. Of course, she’ll also try to save my Papa and I, but one demon, two dragons, five angels and a pack of memory-eating pachyderms stand in her way. Worry not, my auntie is one plucky soul as you saw in Curse Breaker: Enchanted + Curse Breaker: Falls. Here’s a sneak preview of: … Continue reading The Angels Are Coming!

The Newsletter-Dragon Speaks

Hi Readers, this is your newsletter-dragon speaking. Do not adjust your display properties. I am flying through cyberspace. Where’s Ran? He’s dimensionally challenged right now. That’s why I’m here. I want to save him. Why am I undertaking such a quest? Because I know who really kidnapped Melinda, our scribe. Sarn and Ran walked into a trap this cunning entity set for them two weeks ago. There are some things even J.C. cannot see when he builds a portal, but they can still distract Him. GDPR is one of them. But I am the newsletter-dragon, and I’ve been tracking this … Continue reading The Newsletter-Dragon Speaks