Rogue Papa

Hi Readers, We’re one week away from the launch of Rogue Night. I hope you’re excited about that because we are! So let’s get back to Robin—I mean Papa. He and Robin trade off as main characters. When we last saw Papa, (by the way, this is his son, Ran, your narrator and host of this newsletter), Papa was in a bad way, and he’d just asked his friend, Shade, for help. Will Shade help him? Let’s find out in this week’s preview. 🙂 Rogue Night A Robin of Larkspur Novel (Book 2) Chapter 2, Part 2 Missed a part? … Continue reading Rogue Papa

Join her epic quest!

Get her epic adventure now! Join a young mother’s quest to save her daughter. Hunter’s Night: They kidnapped her baby and vanished without a trace. With no clues to follow and an injured companion to save, Robin must undertake a difficult journey to get help.  But a wintry wonderland fraught with dangers lies between her and the one person who could find her daughter. For Robin, failure is not an option. She’ll do anything to save her baby even become the one hunted in a deadly game. Rogue Night: Robin has no choice. She must ask the Rangers … Continue reading Join her epic quest!

Rogue Reviews

Hi readers! This is Ran, your lovable host, and I have some news for you. First off, we’re really excited about Robin’s second book, Rogue Night. Order your copy now! ***A limited amount of review copies of Rogue Night are still available here. Please take one if you can read and review by Oct. 28.*** Thank you! Review copies for Hunter’s Night, book 1 of the Robin of Larkspur series, are also available here with the new cover. It’s the exact same book that published in The soon-to-be unpublished, Rogue Skies. That’s right. The USA Today bestselling boxed set, Rogue Skies, will be gone forever on … Continue reading Rogue Reviews

I’m a bestselling character now

Hi Readers, We have good news! Rogue Skies is a USA Today bestselling book! It made the list! We’re now bestselling characters! Yes, us. Papa and I (Ran, your lovable host), and Robin too. After all, it was her book. But Papa and Uncle Miren and I played key roles 🙂 Thank for your support. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ❤ Now, onward, to Robin’s second adventure! Her first adventure was published in Rogue Skies, which will only be available until Oct. 15, then the set will be gone forever. … Continue reading I’m a bestselling character now

You Purchased Our Dream

Yesterday, a collection of 24 fantasy and science fiction novels called Rogue Skies made the USA Today Bestseller List: Thank you to all who supported our run. Thank you to the authors in the set. ❤ You are amazing. I’m so grateful we achieved this together. And lastly, I would like to take a moment to remember my sister, Carolyn. Five years ago, Carolyn passed away. Before she died, she asked me to finish and publish the stories I’d been writing for years. Fast-forward to 2019. An opportunity to become a part of the Rogue Skies Boxed Set came my way, … Continue reading You Purchased Our Dream

Thank you & A Special Preview

Hi Readers, We want to take a moment to thank you for supporting us and all the authors of Rogue Skies. We set an ambitious goal of making the USA Today Bestseller list, and it was a great run. No matter what happens, we did our best, and we’re grateful for all your support. (This is Ran, your usual greeter/newsletter host. Melinda, my Scribe, is taking a well-deserved rest, so I’m in control of this week’s newsletter and her pc until Papa notices I left our cave through the portal conveniently located in our cave.) While we wait for USA … Continue reading Thank you & A Special Preview

When heroines battle, who will prevail?

Who won the #heroinebattle? Which #Rogueskies heroine did you root for? Only one can rule the #fantasy set. It's all happening here: #booknerd — Melinda Kucsera (@MelindaKucsera) September 21, 2019 #heroinebattle #booknerd Need more info about today's heroines? Read excerpts and reviews here: the heroines of #Rogueskies — Melinda Kucsera (@MelindaKucsera) September 21, 2019 Up steps Robin, daughter of a Ranger, archer and witch-in-training. She nocks her arrow… Join the #heroinebattle root for your #Rogueskies heroine! Only one can rule the #fantasy. It's all happening here: #booknerd — Melinda Kucsera (@MelindaKucsera) September 21, 2019 … Continue reading When heroines battle, who will prevail?

Free Gifts!

***Get Rogue Skies *before Midnight on Sunday* and receive a FREE gift!*** What you get: 24 books packed with action, adventure, intrigue and mayhem for 99cents A FREE copy of Rogues Gallery, which includes 19 Science Fiction and Fantasy tales from the authors of Rogue Skies! A FREE exclusive coloring book inspired by the individual books of Rogue Skies A FREE digital day planner! Get your copy of Rogue Skies here: Claim your FREE gifts here: You’d better hurry because time is running out. Continue reading Free Gifts!

35 Hours Left! Don’t miss out!

Get 4 epic fantasy adventures full of intrigue, heroism and magical mayhem for 99 cents! “What a fascinating story. The characters were so unique and full of life and the story was exciting and intriguing and I couldn’t stop reading it.” –Amazon Review of Davina’s Quest “This story was a great way to start a new series… I loved the flow, magic and the action!” –Amazon Review of Fire Glass “This introduction of Robin is thrilling…This is classic fantasy at it’s best!” –Amazon Review of Hunter’s Night 1-click ROGUE SKIES now before the price goes up! Want More? We’ve … Continue reading 35 Hours Left! Don’t miss out!

Rogues Rule the Sky but Fantasy rules the earth

The skies might be rogue, but down below, warriors roam, fae princesses battle and shifters prowl. Of the 24 books in Rogue Skies, a limited edition science fiction & fantasy collection, there are four epic fantasy adventures full of intrigue, heroism and all the magical mayhem you love. Check them out, and let the adventure begin! Continue reading Rogues Rule the Sky but Fantasy rules the earth