Come where dragons like to play

Come where dragons like to play come to fair Shayari where we lay our scene– actually, this was ‘shot’ in NY state where I live and play. Fantasy lives! (with a little help from my pal photoshop.) So where did you catch dragons this weekend? I better get back to writing before a certain character notices my photographic diversion and complains about it. Until next time! Continue reading Come where dragons like to play

IG Takeover

Yes, we’re—okay—I’m branching out! This is Ran by the way. Ignore the little icon with the petite brunette in a red sweater holding up an outdated copy of her book. Hey, it’s the story of my life, so I’m allowed to be a bit touchy. Anyway, while our sweetheart of an author is at work, I am staging a takeover on IG. Gaze in wonder at—my takeover! Coming soon with more magic, action, drama and mayhem by character request. Hey we're readers too and we want our story to be as epic as possible. We have to go kidnap our … Continue reading IG Takeover

You won’t believe this.

We don’t and we’re fictional characters! Hi Readers! It’s Ran. This week you get to hear from me because I got to the magical pc first. The rest of the characters from my world, except my Papa who’s shy, are not thrilled. Too bad for them. Did you miss me? I missed you. It’s the author’s fault you didn’t hear from us last week. We’re fictional characters from a book and dependent out our author doing things like charging her pc. Why can’t we do it? Well, we tried but the sun doesn’t charge pcs, so we were stuck. To compound the problem, … Continue reading You won’t believe this.

Mel vs the Bridge Troll

I warned you. Climbing unpronounceable mountains you have never heard of can be hazardous to your health. Just ask the Bridge Troll: It can cause sky beams to strike the earth (or NY State if you want to be picky) for no particular reason: And it invites alien interest: You’re on your own with the aliens. My job is done here. Who am I? I’m the author Curse Breaker: Enchanted and the soon to be released, Curse Breaker: Enchanted [the More Epic Verion] because who doesn’t want more action, magic and mayhem? My characters do and so will you! Looking for … Continue reading Mel vs the Bridge Troll


I’m going hiking with a mysterious entity. With nothing but a cloak, some water, and a really shiny shirt, I will attempt to summit a mountain you have never heard of with an unpronounceable name. I am not responsible for any sky beams or alien invasions that may or may not result from this venture. [Public service announcement ends.] See how it all turned out. Looking for character shenanigans? Find them here. Continue reading Warning!

Characters Crash Cyber Convention (Don’t tell our Author)

Lost? Don’t be. Find previous episodes here. Hi Readers! Sorry for the delay. We, the characters, are still hunting down our author, a shy lady named Melinda.  Before we dive back into the search, here’s a recap. And now back to the hunt: A luminous purple butterfly fluttered past Ran. “What are you?” Of course, the butterfly didn’t answer. He wiped tears from his eyes and extended a finger toward the lovely creature. As it alighted, tiny feet tickled Ran’s finger connecting him to hundreds of other characters. Images flashed across his mind’s eye and he heard a woman’s voice reading his story. … Continue reading Characters Crash Cyber Convention (Don’t tell our Author)

Have You Seen Our Author?

Lost? Don’t be. Find previous episodes here. Hi Readers, Ran put the tablet down. “Where is she?” He crawled under the chaise lounge, but there was no author hiding under it or the bed. Melinda was a tiny thing. Maybe a stiff breeze blew her away? Ran rushed over to the sliding glass door and peered out. Seeing only brick buildings with little to recommend them, his shoulders slumped. Where was their author? He had important tales to tell and she was not here to listen.  The author was supposed to be here writing, not out galavanting around or worse, having her own … Continue reading Have You Seen Our Author?