Heroes of a Different Kind

Hi Readers! J.C. asked if we could jump right into this week’s adventure. Since he’s carrying a heavy cross and I’m not, I [Ran] will go take my place. Here we go: Fictional Characters vs the Easter Bunny? Meet J.C. (Part 1) (Previous Adventures, aka us vs the Easter Bunny: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3) “My friends, I have good news and bad news. Which do you want first?” J.C. asked. Flashing lights dyed the cross he carried red. I shuddered and leaned into Papa’s leg. He laid a magic-warmed hand on my head, quelling my tears. He saw … Continue reading Heroes of a Different Kind

Bad Character

I’ve been a bad character. While my scribe was at work yesterday, I popped into an author group on Facebook and there was this post asking authors to “drop” a link to their newsletter sign-up page. All the comments went something like this: Hi there, sign up for my newsletter and get a free book. [Link] Boring. So I had a little fun. Hey, my scribe left me unsupervised with internet access. I’m not responsible for my actions. Papa should have been watching me instead of going for a run in the windy cold. So I posted this to liven … Continue reading Bad Character

Some Angels Fall before they Fly

Hi Readers! Here’s your first look at some cover concepts for His Angelic Keeper. The book stars Sovvan, the sister and angel-in-training of my Papa. In it, Sovvan kicks butt, *borrows* swords, annoys angels and generally gets into mayhem as she tries to save her brother (my Papa). Somehow Auntie Sovvan found time during all that craziness to convince Heaven to give her a chance and a set of training wings. His Angelic Keeper takes place in between Curse Breaker: Enchanted and Curse Breaker: Falls.  So here’s your first look. — Ran, son of Sarn, “cover promoter” Continue reading Some Angels Fall before they Fly

First Look – Curse Breaker: Sundered

Here’s a draft of the cover for Curse Breaker: Sundered. We’re going for the ‘it’s on,’ ‘bring it,’ ‘no holds barred’ kind of look because it’s most definitely on. Papa might be without his magic for the first time in his life, but he’s not letting that stop him. And I’ll be there, his one and only son and sidekick. I have the cuteness angle covered. He’s handling the plans and shouldering the fate of everything because he’s got the shoulders for it. 😉 This is not final yet. We have to get ahold of our scribe’s credit card to … Continue reading First Look – Curse Breaker: Sundered