Blue light special, anyone?

Hi Readers,   We’re back with another version. Just look at our pose in this one and us, of course. Something happened to the lighting. We had a nice warm light off to the left but it’s not showing for some reason.   Maybe we accidentally turned it off?   We’re investigating.   So what do you think of my face and pose?   My foot and Papa’s aren’t touching even though they look like they are. We tried shifting me, but then we couldn’t get Papa’s arm where it needed to be, and I couldn’t reach the staff. I’m … Continue reading Blue light special, anyone?

Back in the 3D Habit

Hi Readers! We’re back with another version. What’s new? < Softer lighting with shadows! We’re not floating, which is cool, and the light isn’t attacking us. Bonus points! 🙂 < Papa has a new face. We didn’t buy the plugin to do the faces ourselves. We did some research about that and uncovered many facts which deterred us for now. Namely, and this is my chief concern, it could take weeks for our scribe to get it to look right and find a good face. So, I went to the 3D store and ogled characters. One of them had to … Continue reading Back in the 3D Habit

We get Chiascuro’d!

Hi Readers! We have a new version of the cover! What’s new: – we have shadows! So we no longer look like we’re floating. – We have dramatic lighting! It might be too dramatic. We’ve tried to move the lights so the shadows it casts aren’t obscuring or otherwise cutting up our faces, but the app keeps crashing. 😦 Is it something we said? We’re thinking of doing two versions with two different lighting set-ups so we get the nice shadows from the dramatic lighting set-up and the nice softer light on our faces you saw in the last version. … Continue reading We get Chiascuro’d!

Are we epic, or are we EPIC?

Here it is, Readers!   We bring you cover test # I’ve lost track. I think this is our strongest composition yet. Ignore our faces for now. We haven’t worked on them, same for our too clean clothes. We will rip them up in the final, but right now we want to know about: 1. the composition 2. the lighting 3. the pose (do we look natural?) Once we have the above three locked in, we’ll unleash our scribe to do the fine details.   So let us know what you think.   — Ran, son of Sarn, the inquiring … Continue reading Are we epic, or are we EPIC?

Battle for the Light

Hi readers! We took all of your advice and battled it out with our digital doubles. It was a long, drawn-out affair and after much fiddling and befuddlement and general frustration, we went back to the store where we bought them. We looked through hundreds of poses and my scribe finally gave up and surrendered the almighty credit card. I wielded that shiny rectangle with all the skill of a kid from a fantasy realm and bought us some epic poses. Papa is amazed by the sheer awesomeness of them. We couldn’t use the really cool ones because they require … Continue reading Battle for the Light

Free-Falling Fathers and Scribes

Hi Readers, We hope you had a great week, and you find our updates entertaining and maybe even a tiny bit inspiring. We’re proof of what you can do with just a few hours a week. (Well, our books do since they’re corporeal, and we’re not. We’re cuter though. At least I am. This is Ran, by the way. Papa concurs on the cuteness thing, but I am the apple of his eye.) We hope as we put out more books and learn how to sell them better, our scribe can spend less time working for other people and more … Continue reading Free-Falling Fathers and Scribes

Are we Sundered Yet?

Thank you all. While trying to fix the issues you raised, this image came together. What do you think? We did two versions–a close-up and a zoomed out.   What’s new? (Other than the pose and colors)   – rips in Sarn’s clothes and his face is dirty. My cloak is torn. We’re still considering how to dirty our clothes.   What do you think? We’re still tweaking the previous one but we’re having technical difficulties with it. My 3D double doesn’t want to cooperate in that one. I think we broke his shoulder. Melinda is researching a solution.   … Continue reading Are we Sundered Yet?

When scribes fall, stories collapse

Hi Readers, We hope you enjoyed our special presentation last week. Before we return to Papa’s dramatic fall and what I hope will be an equally dramatic rescue by J.C. and myself, I want to give you a quick update. (Psst! If you missed an episode, all our back issues are conveniently listed in reverse chronological order here. If you’re looking for our books, they’re all here, and they’re chock full of magical mayhem.) Now back to our update. 🙂 Our scribe created a first draft of the cover for book 5, Sundered, starring our 3d doubles.  We debuted it … Continue reading When scribes fall, stories collapse

Getting Clarity

Hi Readers!   We were hoping to show you a draft of the cover for Sundered using our 3D doubles today, but the first render (mon night) was too dark, the second render (Tuesday night) was out of focus and the third render (Wednesday night) rendered from the wrong camera so it’s dark, fuzzy and we’re really far away from the camera.   We have high hopes that tonight’s render (Thursday) will finally be right. So keep your fingers crossed!   Who knew 3d software packages came with cameras and that you have to adjust these bizarre things like f/stop, … Continue reading Getting Clarity

When Stories Bubble up…

Hi Readers, Today, we have a special presentation for you. So without further ado, let’s get to it. When you last saw us, Papa tried to be a hero, and that didn’t work out so well for him. J.C. and I, (Ran, son of Sarn and his most trusted sidekick), must find a way to rescue him and our scribe, Melinda, before their fall ends in tragedy. If you missed an episode, all our back issues are conveniently listed in reverse chronological order here. If you’re looking for our books, they’re all here, and they’re chock full of magical mayhem. … Continue reading When Stories Bubble up…

A Squadron of Flying Books, Oh My

Hi Readers, We’re still experimenting with your suggestions. Unfortunately, 3D renders take about 21 hours on our PC. So we don’t have any covers to show you yet. Progress is slow, but we’ll get there. We love this series and hope someday it earns enough to pay people who know how to create covers so they can do that, and we can just have adventures. Until then, we’ll just do the best we can and hope for the best. You can’t fly if you don’t fall first. Even though we fall a lot, we’ll keep getting back up and trying … Continue reading A Squadron of Flying Books, Oh My

Off the Chain With Tentacles

Hi Readers, For those in the US, we hope you had a happy Fourth of July. For those enjoying the World Cup, we hope your team’s winning. I’m rooting for Team Bear. Oh, my scribe just informed me there’s no Team Bear. 😦 Apparently, you need more than one spirit guide to make a team, and Bear has yet to introduce us to his noncorporeal friends. (If he has any. We still don’t know for sure, but Bear hinted in Faceted, that there might be other spirit animals out there. Maybe I’ll collect them all. Or maybe not. Bear’s giving … Continue reading Off the Chain With Tentacles