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Curse Breaker: SUNDERED

Curse Breaker: Sundered

Magic’s stronger when it’s broken. Face the Question this summer.

This time around, Sarn has no magic to fall back on and the Adversary is playing for keeps.

See progress on the book, sneak peaks, the final cover and early chapters HERE.

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Get ready to find out how Sovvan earned her halo and sword, and what exactly she wrought when she tossed that Agent of Chaos into the spell her personal demon was casting. Yeah, that wasn’t one of her better ideas.

Find out what happens in His Angelic Keeper: Hidden, book two of a brand-new series starring Sovvan this winter.

See progress on the book plus sneak peaks and early chapters HERE.



(A Curse Breaker Novel)

Some presents should stay wrapped and some adventures should stay in the past. The hunt begins this winter.

See progress on the book plus sneak peaks and early chapters HERE.

Errant Knights

[No Cover yet]

Starring two knights who’ve lost more than their memories.

Errant Knights is the first book in Heroes of a Different Kind, a companion series to the Curse Breaker series. It will star a diverse cast of heroes facing physical, emotional and cognitive disabilities. But they won’t let that stop them.

The series will also feature cameos of Young Papa, Uncle Miren and later, me, Ran, the updater of this page, and likely other characters from the Curse Breaker series since it’s set in our country. We’ll cause light-hearted mayhem and keep these heroes on their toes, but they’ll do the actual world-saving.

When they visit us, we’ll cheer them on and hold their swords. Papa might even sling some impressive magic around on their behalf. And I’ve got my slingshot. The sky’s the limit with these guys and gals. See new places and faces with this group.