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January 2021

Sovvan wants to save her mage-gifted brother from the demon bent on devouring his soul. But first, she needs to stop her ex-guardian angel from completing a spell that could destroy the repository of all memory and with it, the last fourteen years of her strange existence. If only this bizarre band of creatures would stop kidnapping her, she could actually make a start on that. But those creatures have plans, and they’re not taking no for an answer.

There’s no rest for the dead, especially not for someone who’s caught between angels and demons in a world where magic is real and just using it can kill you. The afterlife is turning into more of an epic fantasy adventure than Sovvan expected. But one thing will never change. Family comes first.

Status: Finished

February 2021

Sarn will do anything to get his magic back and save his son—even team up with the most unlikely allies in a desperate bid to stop a terrible creature from destroying his home and everyone in it.

But even if Sarn gets his magic back, he cannot stop the nullifier from taking everyone’s light and plunging everyone into death and darkness.

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Status: Currently writing

  • Word count so far: 109,040
  • Sent to Editor: Jan 3, 2020
  • Advanced Preview Available: end of January 2021
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*Depending on how much editing is needed

March 2021*

Sovvan must save herself from Malachiah’s evil plans and help her brother defeat a terrifying monster. But that won’t be easy since she’s now a pawn in the war between good and evil, and the devil needs her to open the seals that bar him from entering the mortal world.

Her brother might have to defeat that monster without her. Sovvan must choose who to save and who will fall.

Status: Currently writing

  • Word count so far: 20,000
  • Send to Editor:
  • Advanced Preview Available: end February 2021*

*Depending on how much editing is needed

Spring 2021

Someone kidnapped her mage. Now, Robin’s only hope of getting her daughter back is to find the creature who took her tracker. Without him, she can’t find where the Wild Hunt are holding her daughter.

But Robin’s lost and alone in the enchanted forest without any clues. She must call up the strange powers that have been manifesting since her daughter was taken. Only they can give her a fighting chance against the beasts hunting her.

Find out who prevails in book 3 of the Robin of Larkspur series.


  • Word count so far: 20,000
  • Send to Editor:
  • Advanced Preview Available: not yet

Robin has a big problem. Her plan to rescue her baby didn’t come with an escape plan. Now, she’s trapped in a magical valley with the half-human hunters who took her daughter, and the creature they summoned.

Not even the mage who helped her find her daughter can save them now because he’s just as trapped as she is, and the guardian of this valley is out to get him for breaking its rules…

At least Robin got her daughter back. Keeping her baby alive is another problem, but one Robin is determined to solve. Losing her baby again is not an option.

The hunters become the hunted in book 4 of the Robin of Larkspur series.


  • Word count so far: 10,000
  • Sent to Editor:
  • Advanced Preview Available: not yet

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