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RHebookfThey were hunting relics, but they found so much more than they bargained for. And lost more than they could ever regain…

Under the enchanted forest’s tangled canopy, a mage-gifted boy unearthed a strange stone.

Meanwhile, above, two knights heading back to their order’s chapter house are forced to stop when their relic-finder goes berserk. Something old and magical lies beneath the forest and its Zoya and Yan’s job to find and contain it.

But that’s easier said than done when that relic is in the hands of a young mage who possesses a power he can barely control. All Sarn wants is to escape with the only family he has left–the brother he’s been raising since the death of their mother. If Sarn’s not careful, he could collapse the mine and kill them all with a stray thought or accidentally activate a relic of unknown power and purpose.

But his problems are only just beginning. A dangerous woman with a complicated past is planning to kidnap him from his current owner, and she doesn’t care who she kills in the process. But there are two knights pursuing her and Sarn, and they’re legally-bound to kill any mage they encounter—even the one who can stop a relic from opening a portal to a hell realm.

With no way out and the mines collapsing around them, who will prevail–the relic hunters or the relic they came to contain?

Find out in Relic Hunters,* the first book of the Divergent Heroes series coming soon to a bookstore near you. Get an advanced look at it by signing up to our newsletter.

*Relic Hunters is the expanded version of a novella entitled Divergent Heroes: Errant Knights, which was part of an anthology called A Different Kind of Hero. It contains a lot more action, mayhem, and magic than the original.


Ride the Darkness
It was supposed to be a routine patrol—the first for this year’s graduates. But nothing about it is routine when a shadow climbs aboard and starts killing trainees and their trainers. Bored out of his mind from drilling the trainees, Anurevin hits the deck to check on his sea-dragon unaware there’s a silent killer aboard. More than gossip with her fellow dragons is keeping his dragon awake this night and him too. An old power is stirring, setting all the dragons and those, like Anurevin, who are mage-gifted, on edge.

One man and his mute dragon plans to send them all to a watery grave to keep that magic, and what it unlocks, a secret. But he’ll have to go through Anurevin and his dragon first, and they’re the best warriors to sail the Star Sea in a long, long time.


Curse Breaker Hidden
You can’t hide what’s burning inside. In the sixth book of the Curse Breaker series, Sarn will do anything to get his magic back and save his son–even team up with the most unlikely allies in a desperate bid to stop a terrible creature from destroying his home and everyone in it.

But even if Sarn gets his magic back, he cannot stop the nullifier from taking everyone’s light and plunging everyone into death and darkness.

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Theirs was a friendship for the ages–an abused mage just trying to raise his younger brother and a gray-clad enigma who hides beneath a cloak and veil.

They didn’t know it but the day Sarn and Shade met, they took the first step toward a perilous friendship that would end in the deaths of many, unleash a demon, and earn the ire of an angel.

From the mines under Mount Eredren, to the Gray Between life and death, follow the twisted paths friendship takes. Only one will survive when adoration turns to obsession. But not even death can sever some bonds.

Find out what happens in Curse Breaker’s Shadow.



Get ready to find out how Sovvan earned her halo and sword, and what exactly she wrought when she tossed that Agent of Chaos into the spell her personal demon was casting. Yeah, that wasn’t one of her better ideas.

Find out what happens in His Angelic Keeper: Hidden, book two of a brand-new series starring Sovvan this winter.

See progress on the book plus sneak peaks and early chapters HERE.

Robin of Larkspur: Hunter’s Night

(A Curse Breaker Novel)

They took her daughter. Now, she’s taking her baby back.

On the longest night of the year, the Wild Hunt used to roam freely through the enchanted forest. But they were just a legend until they rode into camp and kidnapped Robin’s daughter.

But it’s not just her child the Wild Hunt kidnapped. They took the son a young mage is raising in secret. And he wants his baby back. With help from that mage and his enigmatic friend who might be more dangerous than the Huntress who kidnapped their children, Robin’s hunting the Hunters. And failure is not an option.   

Publication Date: September 2019 (in a super-secret boxed set)

Dangerous Tides Ahead

Far out to sea, a magical veil separates this world from the next. Three souls will try to cross it—a daring young merman searching for an adventure, a human privateer who’s out to win a bet, and a desperate mermaid whose ruthlessness knows no bounds. On the other side of that gateway lies either a lost treasure or a secret that could destroy their world. But the Veil has many guardians under the sea, and they won’t allow anyone to cross the Veil, not even a fellow sea creature.

By tooth, by claw or by tentacle’s strike, the sea keeps its secrets. Beware, dangerous tides are ahead.

Status: Coming soon


(A Curse Breaker Novel)

Some presents should stay wrapped and some adventures should stay in the past. The hunt begins this fall.

See progress on the book plus sneak peaks and early chapters HERE.


(A fictional tale involving aliens, blogs, some scientists and a dash of poetry. Prepare for invasion and governmental hijinx. Assume the cover-up position while you read this zany, interstellar adventure. The universe didn’t send its best or brightest, but that might be a good thing for humanity. Or maybe not. It all depends on the aliens who drop by and their intensions. )


Anurevin is missing and his sister is out to find him. Anuralla’s lost too many in this ceaseless war. She refuses to lose her brother too.

Anuralla is a warrior and mage in her own right. With her dragon at her side, she’ll scour the Star Sea for Anurevin–until she finds a mysterious woman floating the middle of the Star Sea who can’t remember anything except her name. Everything goes wrong from the moment she drags that woman aboard. Dangers beyond anything she could ever imagine threaten to sweep them all into the fathomless depths of the Star Sea.

Nor is that woman the only castaway. Roughly a thousand miles away, Jevana finds a nameless man with a dangerous secret. She’s just embarked on her first voyage after illegally bonding to a dragon and failing to report that bond. And she has no idea what she’s doing. Too bad no one told the enemy.

When the harvesters return, both women will be caught in a deadly struggle to survive.