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Sarn might be reluctant to use his magic, but the monsters who invade his home and threaten his friends, his family, and the enchanted forest outside their door, aren’t shy about using magic. It’ll take heart, hope, and a heck of a lot of magic to defeat them if Sarn doesn’t fall to the doubts that trouble him. Find out if he prevails in books 1-3 and books 4-6 of the Curse Breaker series. 

All isn’t lost when friendships are true and family has your back. But can those bonds hold when the truth tests them? Find out in the Revelation arc, beginning in book 7, Curse Breaker Fallout.

Enemies from the past return in Curse Breaker Trapped, and they threaten Sarn, his family, and everything he thought he knew. The commander lied to protect him, but that lie might destroy Sarn in Curse Breaker Revealed when an old enemy returns and comes for his son.

Sarn has one chance to convince his masters, or he’ll lose custody of his son. But first, he must defend the people who want to take his son away when a joust turns into a battle in Curse Breaker Jousts, (coming soon!).

The Curse Breaker series are high-stakes slice-of-life fantasy adventures, featuring a loving father and his curious son. Join their quest to survive and thrive in a world that hates and fears magic.

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