Was the Fourth With You?

Hi Readers, If you’re in the USA, we hope you had a safe and fun Independence day. Our Scribe spent the weekend watching her one-year-old nephew and her brother’s dog to give said brother a break. We, her characters, did not accompany her on that adventure. There’s only one adorable child in this cast, and that’s me, Ran, Sarn’s son. (Sarn is the hero of the Curse Breaker series. I am his son and sidekick.) We also hope you’re loving Dragon Spells. It came to ebook last week. Please give us some stars on Amazon if you enjoyed it. Reviews … Continue reading Was the Fourth With You?

It’s here! Dragon Spells is Finally On Sale

Hi Readers, Today is the big day! Dragon Spells releases today. That’s right. You can get your copy or read it through Kindle Unlimited right now! So go do that here. We hope you enjoy it. What do you get when you buy Dragon Spells? Great question! You get over 200 pages of: the Newsletter-Dragon gone wild. Witness her terrifying transformation. Find out what new powers she gains and watch her use them against us. Lots and lots of portal crossing, world-spanning mayhem featuring not just me and Papa but the Newsletter-Dragon, Auntie Sovvan, Uncle Miren, and several new characters. … Continue reading It’s here! Dragon Spells is Finally On Sale

Eek! A dragon’s chasing me!

Hi Readers, Happy Father’s day to all the fathers out there! And now back to our special preview of Dragon Spells. Just a reminder, the “I” in this story is me, Ran, the adorable son of Sarn. (He’s the curse breaker.) Dragon Spells: A Curse Breaker Companion Novel by Melinda Kucsera (If you missed Part 1, read it here. Download the entire preview here. Buy Dragon Spells here.) Eek! The dragon was gaining on me. I pumped my arms and tried to eke out a little more speed from my tiring legs. “Papa!” He always knew where I was. I … Continue reading Eek! A dragon’s chasing me!

What a Strange Light?

Hi Readers! Here it is. The long-awaited preview of Dragon Spells. The “I” in this book is me, Ran, Sarn’s beloved son and sidekick. Dragon Spells is available on Amazon and for one week, you can buy it directly from us here. Payments are collected by PayPal, and your copy of Dragon Spells is delivered by BookFunnel. The following file types are available: Mobi, Epub and PDF. Dragon Spells: A Curse Breaker Companion Novel by Melinda Kucsera Chapter 1: What A Strange Light [Mount Eredren, Shayari] As I snuck down the shadowy tunnel, I listened for any signs my absence … Continue reading What a Strange Light?

Current WIP: Update

I broke 46,000 words on His Angelic Keeper: Hidden last night. I really want to finish it soon because I want Curse Breaker: Hidden to publish on my late sister’s birthday in Sept. But I gotta finish it first…and I can’t do that until I finish this one because it takes place before it. There are two scenes in Dragon Spells where events in His Angelic Keeper: Hidden are shown. Continue reading Current WIP: Update

Dragons Are Taking Over

Hi Readers! This is Ran, Sarn’s son, with big news and some news that is rather embarrassing for me at least. First the big news. Dragon Spells, our first novel based solely on stories from this newsletter, will publish on June 29! Order your copy now! Dragon Spells is available in ebook and paperback. If you’re not a fan of Amazon, keep reading for details about another way to read us. What’s Dragon Spells about? That’s an awesome question. Let me give you a visual: Still not sure what it’s about? Obviously, it stars me (Ran) running from a dragon. … Continue reading Dragons Are Taking Over

Guess what’s coming to Kindle?

I am! Hi Readers, This is Ran, and you’re probably wondering why I’m running. Well, that’s because a dragon’s chasing me, Ran, Sarn’s beloved son and sidekick. I’m running for my life down a shadowy tunnel for your amusement. Why’s a dragon chasing me? Well, you’ll have to order a copy of Dragon Spells athttp://www.amazon.com/dp/B089RYV9LZ to find out. This is a spoiler-free introduction. 🙂 Dragon Spells, is based on a series of stories called Dragon Troubles. Episodes of it published in our weekly newsletter in 2019, but it’s been rewritten, and a lot of new scenes have been added because who doesn’t … Continue reading Guess what’s coming to Kindle?

The Couch’s Last Laugh

Hi Readers, Last week, our Newsletter-Dragon took our Scribe’s phone and disappeared into an evil couch. (We have no proof that it’s evil, but it does have an evil laugh, so…) Melinda’s phone holds the latest copy of our latest novel, so you understand why we need to get it back. This is Ran, Sarn’s son and sidekick from the Curse Breaker series, your host and narrator for this strange adventure. Papa and I have faced many foes, but this is the first time we might have to battle a piece of furniture. So, let’s get to it! *** The … Continue reading The Couch’s Last Laugh

The Couch Gets Revenge

Hi Readers, We would like to take a moment to remember all the men and woman throughout the world who have served in the armed forces and their families. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You are in our thoughts and prayers today and always. ❤ Let’s take a moment to honor their service and sacrifice before we get into our Memorial Day Adventure. Thank you. Okay, onward to the magical mayhem! Let the fun begin! 🙂 Last week, our intrepid Scribe battled a fearsome couch to save her dad from… Actually, we’re not sure why the couch … Continue reading The Couch Gets Revenge

Don’t Break Up The Couch

Hi Readers, Forgotten Magic, which includes our Scribe’s story, “Spell of Scales & Steel,” came out last week. Forgotten Magic the third a multi-author anthology in the trilogy that includes Hidden Magic (# 1) and Wayward Magic (#2). So, if you haven’t yet, grab your copy on kindle. Oh and Forgotten Magic is a free read through Kindle Unlimited and so are Hidden Magic and Wayward Magic. 🙂 This weekend, our Scribe helped her elderly father break up an old couch. She tried repeatedly to pay the $75 for the town to cart it away, but her dad just busted … Continue reading Don’t Break Up The Couch

Don’t Forget the Magic!

Hi Readers, Forgotten Magic, which includes our Scribe’s story, “Spell of Scales & Steel,” comes out today, May 12! That’s why we’re a day late with our newsletter. 🙂 Forgotten Magic the third a multi-author anthology in the trilogy that began with Hidden Magic. The second installment is Wayward Magic. So, if you haven’t yet, grab your copy on kindle before they’re gone. This trilogy will only be available for a limited time because it’s a lot for our Scribe to manage behind the scenes, and we’d really like her undivided attention on other projects. 🙂 Oh and Forgotten Magic … Continue reading Don’t Forget the Magic!

Who took it?

Hi Readers, Before we start this week’s newsletter, I, your host, Ran, Sarn’s son and sidekick, have a question for you. One of our long-time readers, Athena, asked last week if you, our wonderful subscribers, could interview us. Of course, you can! If there’s something you’d like to ask me, or any of the other characters in Melinda’s books, hit reply right now and send them in. We’ll collect all the questions and figure out the most creative and fun way to answer them. Maybe your question will lead us on a mini-adventure, or a fun tangent. Who knows? Questions … Continue reading Who took it?

Missing Adventure

Hi Readers, This week, someone who should know better gave out some dangerous advice. Your continued survival is important to us. So, we, characters, felt it was important to say one thing on this matter: Please do not ingest, inject, or imbibe cleaning products. They are hazardous to your health. Please be safe. Now that that’s out of the way, we return you to our regularly scheduled newsletter. I’m Ran, your host, and the son of Sarn, the hero of the Curse Breaker books, and I have a problem. Someone took this week’s adventure! That’s why I’m crawling around and … Continue reading Missing Adventure

It’s Hard to Let Go

Hi Readers, We’re one month into staying home, and we hope you and your loved ones are well. Last week, you got a glimpse of “Spell of Bone and Ash,” by our Scribe, Melinda Kucsera, it’s part of Wayward Magic, the second anthology in a trilogy of multi-author anthologies featuring stories by twenty fantasy authors. Five of the participating authors are first-timers. 🙂 The sequel to our author’s story will publish on May 12 in Forgotten Magic, the third and last anthology in the trilogy of multi-author fantasy anthologies published by our very own publishing house, Magical Mayhem Press. What’s … Continue reading It’s Hard to Let Go