How we’re fighting back

Hi Readers! I’ll explain the subject line and answer all your questions about how, why, and who we’re fighting in a minute. I promise, and promises are binding. But first, a quick reminder that Curse Breaker Revealed comes out on Sept. 27, and it’s my big reveal, hence the title. I hope you’re as excited about it as I am. (This is Ran, Sarn’s son and biggest page hog in the cast. I get loads of time with you in Revealed, and I make the most of it.) What else is going on with your favorite characters and our Scribe? … Continue reading How we’re fighting back

Exciting Things Are Happening

Hi Readers, Things are happening! I have so much to tell you. This is Ran, Sarn’s son, and the best sidekick ever. I star in the Curse Breaker books alongside my mage Papa, and of course, more about that in a bit. First, I need to tell you about some exciting things! Melinda, our fearless Scribe, sat down and recorded herself reading last week’s newsletter, and she had the audacity to argue with some of the points I made in it. She also discussed her current WIP, Rogue Ranger, and how I am trying to replace it with Curse Breaker … Continue reading Exciting Things Are Happening

Books and Writing Update – Sept 8 2022

No AIs. This is my voice narrating what’s happening with my books and writing this week. Unfortunately, one of my characters got a hold of the video and added their comments to it. I hope to make this a weekly series if my characters permit. What happens in this episode? Links to the books mentioned in this video: This video was made by the author, Melinda Kucsera. I hope you enjoy it! Continue reading Books and Writing Update – Sept 8 2022

Powerful Rings and Plotting Characters

Well, Readers, The Rings of Power came out this past week and Melinda, our Scribe, is obsessed. This is Ran, Sarn’s son and your host this week. I star in every Curse Breaker book ever, if you want to read more about me and my hero, my papa, then pick up any book in the series. I’ll meet you inside. Back to my point though before I lose it again. The Scribe loves The Rings of Power even though there are changes to the lore in it. But some of the changes are necessary because Amazon does not have the … Continue reading Powerful Rings and Plotting Characters

A Tale of Two Covers

Hi Readers, Just a quick recap of The release schedule for Curse Breaker Revealed to kick things off then I have something fun and different to share with you, so stick around! Curse Breaker Revealed will publish in all stores on September 27 in remembrance of Melinda’s deceased sister since that day was the day her sister was born. Patrons received a copy on yesterday, and the paperback proof is hopefully on way, so we can see how the interior art looks. We’re experimenting with one drawing for now, but once we get the hang of it, we will do more. (Curse … Continue reading A Tale of Two Covers

I’ve been hoodwinked!

Hi Readers, It’s Ran, Sarn’s son and the star of the soon to be released, Curse Breaker Revealed. No, seriously, this time I’m the star. I carry the plot forward into new territory with just my wits, cuteness, and bravery to help me. First, I need to tell you that I’ve been hoodwinked! Who tricked me? Robin of the Robin of Larkspur books. Yes, her, the star of the WIP that’s competing with mine. (Just a quick refresher, the two books the Scribe is currently working on when not working for her day job are Rogue Ranger and Curse Breaker … Continue reading I’ve been hoodwinked!

Spilling the Tea

Hi Readers, Thank you for all the well wishes and condolences. The Scribe (Melinda) needed them after the drama surrounding the funeral/her aunt’s passing last week. This is Ran, your friendly character and guide to all things to do with the Curse Breaker series, which I co-star in with my family. And I’m here to spill the tea as they say on TikTok but in a respectful way because Melinda is reading all my emails now and saving you from typos. Before I can spill this particular tea, I need to make it by giving you a little background on … Continue reading Spilling the Tea

Book Updates + A Funeral

Hi Readers, Normally, I’d regale you with my shenanigans this past week, but my Scribe received some bad news, and we’re still reeling from that. What happened? Melinda’s aunt passed away suddenly. No one knows what happened. She will attend the service today with her mother, brother, and reshuffle her work schedule this week. And that has me a little concerned. Any time her work schedule changes, it affects our books. We’ll see how that goes. I apologize for the typos in last week’s newsletter. They are mine, not my Scribe’s. (This is Ran, the son from the Curse Breaker … Continue reading Book Updates + A Funeral

Update on Our Next Book

Hi Readers, Are you excited? We should get Curse Breaker Revealed back from our editor sometime this week. Then, our Scribe (Melinda) will work through those edits and send it to our beta reader for one final check. But it’s getting closer to you! Last week, I (Ran, Sarn’s son from the Curse Breaker series) announced what book is working on next, Rogue Ranger, the third book in the Robin of Larkspur series. I also asked you a question, and you answered. Since you asked me to back off, I’ll behave and let Melinda work on Rogue Ranger. But! If … Continue reading Update on Our Next Book

Would you be mad if… (Advice needed + an update on Curse Breaker Revealed)

Hi Readers, I hope you’re staying cool. (Unless it’s winter where you are, then please stay warm!) Where we are, there’s a heatwave, burning us up. Barnes & Noble is running a 99 cent sale on His Angelic Keeper Books 1-3 this week if you need some humorous fantasy to distract you from the heat. (This is Ran, by the way, Sarn’s son and soon, I’ll be back as his sidekick when my adventure ends in the soon-to-be published Curse Breaker Revealed.) First, let me reassure you that Curse Breaker Revealed is done and in the hands of our editor. … Continue reading Would you be mad if… (Advice needed + an update on Curse Breaker Revealed)

We need to end it, but…

Hi Readers, This is Ran, Sarn’s son, and no, the book has not ended yet. But it’s not totally my fault. Other characters are present during the last chapters. I swear! Blame them too! Curse Breaker Revealed is supposed to go to the editor today. Cross your fingers and send us good thoughts! The Scribe (Melinda) is also working today, so that limits her ability to finish it. But she’s performed miracles before. And it’s possible the book already ended. That’s happened before. I never point that out when it happens because I want as much page time as possible, … Continue reading We need to end it, but…

I don’t usually do this, but…

Hi Readers, How’s everything going? This is Ran, Sarn’s son, just checking in. I know. I don’t usually pop into your inbox more than once a week except during release week, but I’m tense and excited, and I don’t want Curse Breaker Revealed to end. But it must end because it needs to go to the editor next week. I might be freaking out about that. This deadline is good for you because it means the sequel to Curse Breaker Trapped is coming soon, but for me it means the end of my page time! And I’m having trouble letting … Continue reading I don’t usually do this, but…