The Robin of Larkspur Series

Robin could become the most skilled witch their world has ever known. Start her epic adventure now.

Hunter’s Night

They kidnapped her baby and vanished without a trace. With no clues to follow and an injured companion to save, Robin must undertake a difficult journey to get help. But a wintry wonderland fraught with dangers lies between her and the one person who could find her daughter. For Robin, failure is not an option. She’ll do anything to save her baby even become the one hunted in a deadly game.

***Hunter’s Night was originally published in the USA Today bestselling Rogue Skies Boxed Set.

Fans of Nicholas Eames, Julliet Marillier, Michael J. Sullivan, Mercedes Lackey, Brent Weeks, Margaret Weis, and Tracy Hickman will enjoy Robin’s epic struggle to survive and thrive.

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Rogue Night

Robin has no other choice. She must ask the Rangers of Mount Eredren to join her quest to save her baby. But they have a secret they’ll kill to keep, and that secret is the teenage mage she’s been looking for. Only he can help Robin find the supernatural killers who kidnapped her baby. But the Rangers aren’t the only ones who want Sarn to stay right where he is.

Sarn is bound to a supernatural entity, and it will bring the mountain down on the ten thousand souls who dwell beneath it if he leaves. For Robin, failure is not an option. She’ll call forth magic she doesn’t understand and strike a bargain that will change not just her future, but the future of a nation to save her daughter.

They’re all bound now, by a witch’s decree.

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Rogue Ranger

Someone kidnapped her mage. Now, Robin’s only hope of getting her daughter back is to find the creature who took her tracker. Without him, she can’t find where the Wild Hunt are holding her daughter.

But Robin’s lost and alone in the enchanted forest without any clues. She must call up the strange powers that have been manifesting since her daughter was taken. Only they can give her a fighting chance against the beasts hunting her.

Find out who prevails in book 3 of the Robin of Larkspur series.

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Rogue Rescue

Robin has a big problem. Her plan to rescue her baby didn’t come with an escape plan. Now, she’s trapped in a magical valley with the half-human hunters who took her daughter, and the creature they summoned.

Not even the mage who helped her find her daughter can save them now because he’s just as trapped as she is, and the guardian of this valley is out to get him for breaking its rules…

But at least Robin got her daughter back. Keeping her baby alive is another problem, but one Robin is determined to solve. Losing her baby is not an option.

The hunters become the hunted in book 4 of the Robin of Larkspur series.

(Coming soon)

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