His Angelic Keeper Series

The His Angelic Keeper series follows Sovvan, Sarn’s twin sister, in her quest to save her family and the world.

A ghost can’t die again, but Fate isn’t kind to the women who thwart it. Sovvan might cease to exist if she saves her twin. But if she doesn’t, she’ll lose him forever. Can she survive that?

Sovvan wants to save her brother, but bizarre creatures keep kidnapping her. How will she escape them in time to help Sarn without magic?

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Sovvan faces an impossible choice. Will she save her brother or herself?

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The seals are breaking. When the last one falls, Armageddon begins. Can Sovvan stop it in time?

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How will Sovvan stop an ancient death goddess from destroying her and the world?

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  • Coming in 2023


His Angelic Keeper #6


His Angelic Keeper #7