His Angelic Keeper Series

His Angelic Keeper

Not all angels come in peace, and they’re not alone.

When a supernatural conspiracy threatens her still-living twin and his young son, it’s time for desperate measures. Sovvan might be dead, but she won’t let incorporeality or amnesia stop her.

To save her brother, she must first regain her past. But in doing so, she uncovers a dangerous secret an angel killed to protect. And he’s not alone.

For everything, there’s a price even for saving those she loves. Unless Sovvan can find a loophole, all of reality might pay the ultimate price just so she can save her brother and his son. But she’d better hurry. Her magical twin is fighting for his life against a powerful demon bent on taking his soul, and his son is next in line.

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His Angelic Keeper: Hidden

Sovvan wants to save her brother, Sarn, from the demon bent on devouring his soul. But first, she needs to stop her ex-guardian angel from completing a spell that could destroy the repository of all memory and with it, the last fourteen years of her strange existence. If only this bizarre band of creatures would stop kidnapping her, she could make a start on that. But those creatures have plans, and they won’t take no for an answer.

There’s no rest for the dead, especially not for someone who’s caught between angels and demons in a world where magic is real and just using it can kill you. The afterlife is turning into more of an epic fantasy adventure than Sovvan expected. But one thing will never change. Family comes first.

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His Angelic Keeper: Fallen

Sovvan must save herself from Malachiah’s evil plans and help her brother defeat a terrifying monster. But that won’t be easy since she’s now a pawn in the war between good and evil, and the devil needs her to open the seals that bar him from entering the mortal world.

Her brother might have to defeat that monster without her. Sovvan must choose who to save and who will fall.

Coming in 2021.

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The Agents of Chaos have escaped into the Mortal World, and they’ve landed in a kingdom primed for war. Long have the Leshians wanted to conquer Shayari and take its magic. But a shield along the border prevents it anyone from entering or leaving without the Queen of All Trees’ blessing, and she doesn’t give that freely.

With their progress stymied in the east by Shayari’s impregnable border, Leshia looks south to Fay’s homeland. No shield protects it, just a former pagan goddess turned warrior for God. When the beacons are lit, Fay must answer, even if that thrusts her beloved family into a war.

Meanwhile, Sovvan gets her first job as a fledgeling angel, and it’s a doozy. She must round up the Agents of Chaos while working for the Angel of Death, her new boss. Her twin had better stay out of trouble because Sovvan has too much trouble of her own right now, especially if Fay’s right about a traitor in Heaven.

How do you stop chaos before it takes over the world?

In the 4th His Angelic Keeper book, Sovvan and her allies must figure out that.


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His Angelic Keeper #6