Curse Breaker’s Companion

A zany portal fantasy series based on the stories published in Melinda Kucsera’s weekly newsletter. Sign up at to start receiving them in your inbox.


Trouble’s definitely afoot when a dragon shows up and chases Ran. But her plans are more dangerous than Ran and his father could ever imagine. Defeating her won’t be easy, not after that dragon undergoes a terrifying transformation. Sarn’s power might not be enough. Can Ran find a solution in time?

Find out in Dragon Spells.


I defeated the dragon (with help), but not before she triggered a cataclysmic event that could destroy reality itself—if I don’t get my scribe back. Dysteria grabbed her while we ran for our lives. The longer Melinda’s separated from her story, the more it crumbles. If we don’t save her soon, we’ll cease to exist and so will our stories.