Lord of the Sea

Who will rule the sea?

A woman who illegally bonded to a dragon?

A man who lost his dragon and found a deadly secret?

Or another player in this deadly game of power and lies?

Who will rule the sea? Only one can take that power, and the winner takes all.

Where to read it:


 I wrote the original draft of this story in ~2008 when I was job searching. If you put my Curse Breaker series into a blender with Pirates of the Caribbean and Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series, you might get something like this if you squinted at it hard enough. I hope you enjoy the insanity. 

It’s got dragons galore, lots of magic, friendship, love, humor, and an enchanted sea among other things.  

The Lord of the Sea stories are set in the same world as all my other books. so it’s possible characters from other books could appear in them, but not probable.

Cast of Characters: 

  • Prime, a lost soul at the mercy of the sea
  • Anurevin, a dragon rider with a death wish 
  • Jevana, a runaway with a runaway dragon and an illegal bond to said dragon
  •  Anuralla, she’s looking for her brother (Anurevin) to make sure his death wishes don’t come true
  • Nira, another lost soul adrift on the sea
  • Sestemious, a man with a diabolical plan. Someone should probably stop him. 
  • Sambra, a dragon who desires greatness, but she doesn’t have a plan to achieve that, probably because she’s bonded to someone who just wants to hide (Jevana)
  • Kithion, a dragon who’s up for anything. He’s bonded to Anuralla.
  • Tantor, a dragon with plans who’s bonded to Anurevin.